7 Quotes that Take us to Live our Holidays

It is real that we learn and marvel at different things that we cannot always capture with photographs, but memories last a long time.

When you proposed to your wife on the beach, or your son dared to jump off the slide at the water park. Did you ever think of a quote to remember the moment? If not, here we bring you 7 examples that can make you smile while remembering your special moment.

1. “"If something good happens to you, travel to celebrate. If something bad happens to you, travel to forget. If nothing happens to you, travel so that something happens.” (Anonymous)

If your children just finished school, if you've worked too hard and felt like you need a break; Even merely to surprise your partner for their anniversary can be an excellent reason to assemble the perfect suitcase and travel.

2. “Once a year go somewhere you've never been before.” (Dalai Lama)

Even though having a vacation once or twice per year, the idea of having holidays gives us the urge to eat the world and collect stamps in the passport as if they were medals or coins. It is important to remember that each trip should be more valuable for the experience lived than for the number of places we visit; Likewise, each site must be adequate to our need (traveling alone, as a couple or with the family).

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3. “Traveling is evolving in unexpected dimensions." (Esteban Mazzoncini)

Also, the experience of living each trip as if it were unique, each step through the airport becomes a dose for a daily vitamin that makes us grow and develop in different aspects. We meet and learn from different people; we fall in love with different smiles and each sunset.

4. “Ask yourself if what you are doing today brings you closer to the place you want to be tomorrow.” (J. Brown)

This quote is for all of those who dream about their vacations. I know that sometimes our job, bills, tuition, among others, motivate us to postpone our rest, especially if we talk about holidays. It is essential to establish individual balance with the activities that allow us to have breaks. Please don't put it off any longer and book your trip to that destination in the Caribbean or the Sea of Cortez that drives you crazy.

5. “A trip is measured in friends, not miles.” (Tim Cahill)

If you read me previously and booked your vacation in a destination with an All-Inclusive stay, let me tell you that since you arrive, you will make new friends at the entrance, which at the end of your visit, they'll be more than your friends. When you return on your next vacation, you will be able to see them again and update like any group of friends that meets for a few beers or a coffee.

6. “There are places where you stay, and places that stay in you.” (Anonymous)

It could be for your new friendships or days of joy and fun, and some places become our home to which we always seek to return at some point.

7. “All travel depends on a load of the myth that the traveler can add to it, voluntarily or involuntarily.” (Martín Caparrós)

Finally, it is essential to mention that no matter how perfect our vacation plan or imagining it may sound; There can always be times when all of our expectations change instantly, but that doesn't mean our vacation get ruined; otherwise, it is an opportunity also to enjoy the imperfections that may exist and the new adventures to live.