Sea turtles in the Mexican Caribbean

Out of the eight species of sea turtles in the world, seven make it to the mexican coasts! That is why we have the big responsibility of taking care of them.

The Nesting Season starts in May. If you're a frequent tourist from the Riviera Maya, you may have experienced this great show.

We are very proud to share with you that this month at GR Solaris Cancun Resort we received a recognition of the municipal secretary for ecology and urban development of Quintana Roo for the great work that our hotel and staff have done in the sea turtle conservation program in 2017.

These incredible animals are endangered by different factors. And obviously the Solaris Family is committed to their protection and to do so, we need your help.

Baby sea turtles!

turtle swimming in the caribbean sea

There are many ways to protect turtles in nesting months so make sure to be aware.

If you see a turtle spawning or a young one trying to reach the sea, don't take pictures with flash or light them with a lamp

Artificial Lighting can be mislead and interrupt the natural process of the turtles.

Don't leave trash on the beach!

Cancun beach cleaning for turtle nesting

Plastic Bags, bottle caps, balloons and other non-degradable wastes could kill sea turtles because they confuse them with food, they could also be trapped in packaging.

Take good care of the Sea Turtles!

birth of turtles

It is also necessary to see turtles spawn from a prudent distance. The Turtles are very shy and can flee without leaving their eggs if they feel intimidated.

If you see someone bothering the turtles somehow, getting close to them or disrupting the natural process of spawning, please warn the authorities.

Many people do not know how to treat sea turtles and could be harmful to them.

We Thank you for your help!