Undeniable Proof That You Need a Vacation. 9 Tell-Tale Signs

Nowadays almost everyone work from our homes, where we can spend more time with our loved ones, sleep a little more, work and watch series at the same time (especially that one where a group of people wears masks and prepare two heists); sometimes without the formality of bathing and even the idea of working in pajamas seems quite nice; sometimes work routine or stress can build up without us realizing it.

How did this feeling come to you? Maybe there will be a point when you turn on the television to watch the news ... During the announcements, it may appear one about a trip with a beautiful destination and you can start to visualize yourself on the Caribbean beach, Sea of Cortez or the Pacific Ocean, with a delicious margarita. Yes!, maybe at that moment you start to feel like you need a vacation.

However, in these times of quarantine, where we somehow “rest”, how is it possible to notice it? In this blog we'll give you 9 signs of an undeniable proof that you need a vacation.

1.- Your first and last thought is about work. It is normal that sometimes we go to sleep with outstanding issues in our minds, but yes as soon as you wake up, you instantly turn on the computer to start working again; it is a symptom that you are working too much, it is important to take your morning to carry out different activities such as exercising, drinking a good coffee and even giving yourself time to wake up.

2.- Insomnia. Not being able to sleep or having trouble falling asleep is a sign that there are quite a few thoughts taking your attention; There are studies that comment that meditating to the rhythm of nature sounds, sunbathing and breathing fresh air, give you better quality of sleep... Especially if it is on a Caribbean beach or lying on the wide, padded beds of a hotel.

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3.- "You don't own your time". One of my friends told me this phrase, he worked too much organizing events and when he tried to do some hobby, he found himself with stressful situations and thoughts like: "I should have stayed at work to anticipate things or finish pending". Hobbies help us feed our essence and release stress-reducing endorphins.

4.- Lack of concentration. Most people cannot have a high level of concentration for long time; so a well-deserved rest gives you the opportunity to recharge.

5.- Blue Mood. At this point I mean when you struggel to getting out of bed to do your work or when you unconsciously start procrastinating some activities.

6.- Irritability. If your friends told you something like ... Calm down or maybe they give you a chocolate to dominate the possible beast that came out of your body ... Wait ... I rambled a bit ... But if you have noticed that you get upset easily, it is also a sign of stress.

7.- You have health problems: gastritis or colitis are the most common illnesses related to spending most of the time sitting and / or stressed from work.

8.- It is very common that in the office or online you can share funny messages or jokes with coworkers, but if your interest is more focused on finishing your occupations than relate together, it is a sign that you need a break ... Regardless if you like them or not… But comedy and laughter are part of daily life.

9.- Decrease time with your family or friends. Sometimes work activities can take us a little more time than work hours, but a well-deserved rest in a group or family is a good way to reconnect with your loved ones.They can take advantage of the time to take group trips and have fun.

Recalling a few words from someone that I love "travel illustrates us", resting and giving us chance to travel new trails feeds us in different ways; regardless of what happens every day ... You make it excellent and you deserve a break.

So now that you look out your window, the news or go to the supermarket to buy something you like ... As a friend would say, "allow yourself to indulge yourself" and start dreaming and visualizing yourself in the place you want to visit when the quarantine ends.