Why we are Passionate About Vacations and service

Today we want to share with you some deep insight on what thrives us always to Do our best job when hosting our Dear guests at any of our Solaris Resorts either in Cancun or Cabo.

First of All, let's start by saying that Mexican culture has always been so heartwarming, traditions are taught on to children at a very young age, and the Family festivities, like birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, and even the mourning of a relative, have always been a reason to gather and celebrate life.

Manners are taught to the kids, like to always listen to grown-ups (or you will get a smack in the back of your head) never to answer back when an adult is talking, or as simple as saying good morning or good night gesture, followed by a kiss in the cheek.

There are two key elements for Mexicans to be the best host on your vacations: Passion and being friendly, it’s not only will to solve a situation, but care about what you are working for. Those two qualities go hand by hand, creating a healthy atmosphere.

Now, how can this Translate to the Solaris staff and the Solaris family guests? Well, that’s easy, most of the people you see here, have been working in the travel industry for over ten years, some even started working here at our resort, there are amazing stories from great friends throughout the years.

And the reason behind that is because of the passion they put and the effort to make your much-needed vacations as perfect as they can be, they know the less you stress, the more you will enjoy coming back again, year after year.

You should see smiles on the faces of kids when seeing their favorite kid’s club person, or grown-ups, being able to chat once again with their friend the bartender or waiter, this is not just the moment, is a feeling that fills our hearts with joy. Knowing that we are doing a great job because that’s how we would love to be treated as.

Believe us, it’s not been comfortable with the new normal not to be able to show affection as before, especially with old friends that come back again and again. That doesn't mean our service, and how we care for you, have changed, Au contraire, it demonstrates that you as our family need to be secure at all times, and us providing the best service to a whole new level.

We want to reassure you, that you will always be comfortable, and pampered at all times, By our lovely staff, who love what they do and are always eager to see you back again. Cause Passion is our middle name and service is our motto.