7 Cancun misconceptions

Mexico is a vast and prosperous country with cultural heritage and delicious cuisine; unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about the country, and even each state (yes, there are 32 different states in Mexico), and No, we don't wear Charro sombreros or ride donkeys all the time.

Here are seven misconceptions about Cancun, that will be mind blowing to you:

Cancun is not a state

Yes, even tho is the most popular destination in the country, it's just one of the many cities that comprehend the State of Quintana Roo, as it is Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, Chetumal, and the islands of Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and even Holbox.

Being one of the most popular destinations in the World, Cancun International airport receives more than 500 flights a day. However, not all of the passengers stay at a Fancy Cancun hotel, as they have different destinations nearby to explore.

Fun fact: Cancun is not a City! I know Right, Cancun was built back in the 70s, if you do a Flyby, you can see that the Hotel Zone is an artificial island shaped like a number 7, with the Nichupte Lagoon in the center of it.

Cancun is dangerous

Yes there are parts of Cancun that you as a tourist should avoid, but that goes for every single city and country in the world, or are you telling me back home, there isn't a place that you always avoid either by day or night? If so, please tell me where you live, to move over there.

The probability for you to have something bad happen, are slim to none unless you're looking for trouble, if you're traveling alone, be mindful of your surroundings, if you stay within your group and /or the hotel Zone, nothing wrong could happen.

Cancun is Big

Well actually it is not, the Hotel Zone, comprehends a little bit more than 18 miles of pristine white beaches and All types of Resorts from Big to small ones, and that's about it, cause the city where the locals live it's called Benito Juarez, there in the main zone, you can go and purchase all kinds of souvenirs and handicrafts to take back home.

Cancun is Hot and humid

Well, yes it is, but what else could you expect on a tropical Caribbean destination. Also, there are seasons where you can expect a little more rain than usual, don't worry, hurricanes are very Rare to hit the city, even though they are announced, they usually deviate their course and bring some heavy rain for a couple of hours.

And because of that, there will always be mosquitoes around, It also a misconception that every single mosquito will give you Dengue, Malaria, or any other disease, Resorts fumigate constantly all of their installations, and if you go on tour, it is highly recommended you apply repellent consistently.

You can’t eat salads or other foods because you will automatically get sick.

Because of the water used on cleaning the ingredients ) Same goes for the ice in the Drinks, well this is a reality that happens all over the world and not only in Cancun, the PH in the water is different from one state to another, but it is still safe to eat and drink water out of the tap in the resorts, as they have purifying systems that regulate the bacteria in the water, so your stomach does not get sick.

Food is not just all about hardshell tacos, fajitas, and burritos

You will probably know by now that Mexico has a wide variety of food, that goes above the usual Tacos and fajitas you can find back in the states, per instance, one of the best dishes served here in Cancun, is called the Cochinita, pork or chicken-based dishes with spices, and cooked underground in banana leaves, yes it sounds kind of weird. Still, I can assure you, the flavors are delicious. The list goes on, about Regional food and even desserts here, I would not advise you to try them all at once, but in each visit, try a different one, until you find your favorite.

Corona Beer is not that popular

Even though the Corona Beer, is the most popular one internationally, Mexicans don't usually drink it, as its a light unsweet lagger, there are several brands of local beers, and also some crafts beers in the región, that are more popular than that brand, so don't expect to find it at every single restaurant or resort, support local breweries, and try other beers, if you drink that of course.

Well, that's about it for our weekly blog, we Do know there might be more truths out there that might be considered misconceptions. Still, as our point of view, these are the primary ones, remember always be open-minded to try new things when traveling, especially when visiting your Royal Solaris Resorts in Cancun, hope to see you soon.