Hollywood teachings about family vacations

Hollywood movies show us everything, action, horror, romance, adventure and most of all it's fiction, but lately I've noticed that there are many similarities between the movies that deal with the vacation theme. and the real world (if I have seen many quarantined movies).

How many times in this quarantine have we had the family talk titled "Where are we going to go when all this happens?"

We start planning from start to finish with all the necessary intermediate points so that our promised vacations or adventures in Los Cabos or Cancun are perfect but ... How perfect can it really be?

Apparently everything makes sense and it seems that it will turn out well; However, as we have seen in several films such as Little Miss Sunshine, Runway Vacation or I'll be home for Christmas ... Which, although they are not real, give us a very good idea that vacations can present a series of unpredictable adventures.

From disagreements and anger to leaving on time for the airport, suffering a flat tire and you end up getting dirty by the tire change, who sits next to the window on the plane or next to someone who may not be the best seatmate ... Of course, if you reach the plane. I know, it sounds like a movie, but that happened to me when I traveled to the Nordic lands, for sleeping 5 more minutes waiting for the boarding I lost the plane and had to buy another ticket… As an extra tip: Buy traveler insurance, you will be calmer.

What can we learn of movies?

The teaching may seem obvious. But it took me a little while to see those patterns within the movies and their similarity in real life.

What have I seen in Hollywood movies that can be applied in real life?

I will love you until my dying day

1.- Everything we plan cannot be perfect, there are always setbacks however small they may be.

2.- Things can get ugly if we lose control of the situation.

3.- Always have a Plan B, C, D, E ... For all the important points of our vacation.

4.- There will always be someone who sees things from another perspective, listens to everyone involved in the trip, they may have the solution that you do not see.

5.- Breathe and remember that no one is to blame, just fix what happens so that everyone can enjoy their vacation.

6.- Laughing at your own circumstance lightens and makes everything easier.

7.- Always, but always, family vacations are the best thing that can happen to bring the family closer together.

If you keep these 7 points in mind the next time you go on a family vacation, I can assure you two things:

1). Your vacation will be unforgettable, because even if not everything goes as you expected, you will have what it takes to get ahead and also enjoy the moment.

2). The family will return more united knowing that they support each other in all circumstances.

So if just today is the day when you talk "Where are we going to go when all this happens?" You must get afloat, talk to your family and plan your movie vacation.