GR Solaris Cancun Activities

Have fun on your vacation without leaving GR Solaris Cancun, our entertainment and sports team has the perfect activities schedule so your family have an amazing day.

morning yoga


Try this yoga lessons, they will help you have a pleasant morning and will give you all the energy you need to have an excellent and relaxed vacations, either inside or outside the resort.

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
  • Main Pool
  • 10:30 hr
lagoon tour

Discover the nature

Delve into the iconic Cancun lagoon on this kayak tour, where our entertainment team will guide you through the natural wonders of these mangroves.

  • Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday
  • Marina
  • 10:30 hr
zumba class

¡Let's dance!

The GR Solaris Cancun team will make you dance with this rhythmic and dynamic way of exercising, so get ready to have a lot of fun and sweat a little.

  • Saturday through Friday
  • Main Pool
  • 11:00 hr

Keep in shape!

Join the aerobics class in the pool of GR Solaris Cancun, where we will guide you through a fun and very complete exercise routine.

  • Saturday through Friday
  • Main Pool
  • 12:00 hr

Was that your number?

Do you feeling lucky today? Relax by the pool while playing this classic game. Choose your card and be very attentive to be the first to shout Bingo!

  • Saturday through Friday
  • Main Pool
  • 15:00 hr
beach volleyball

Do you already have a team?

Cool off the heat in this mini volleyball tournament in the pool, fun guaranteed, so gather your friends, make your team and have fun!

  • Saturday through Friday
  • Main pool & Beach
  • 16:00 hr