Where you will be in the future?

Hello, very good morning, afternoon or night for you who read me. It is always a pleasure that we meet through the eyes.

I would like to start this blog with a little story about something that happened to me a few days ago ... I adopted a cat that I found on the street; which, I can say that it was "a team adoption" with a person who was with me while we walked that street. We took the hasty decision to adopt it, but this person asked me a question that no one had asked me before (well, only in some job interviews): “How do you see yourself in 10 years? Having a cat is at least 10 years old. of your life and you cannot leave it”. I remember that I only answered: "No, my intention is not to leave it, I do want to adopt it and I have no heart to leave it alone on the street." The other question of "10 years" I could not answer and I just stood there with my mouth open as I reflected in my head and instantly life went back to my youth where I used to make plans for everything ... Oh big mistake, well I just a little bit (imagine someone winks at you flirtatiously after this phrase).

Before starting a trip I used to plan almost all the steps for my goals ... Something like "When I go to X city, I will be accepted in the Master's program; I will start working to pay my bills; I will be in a nice relationship… ”and it was there when I realized that for more plans A, B, C; that I could have, life, destiny or what you like to believe, will do with you what it wants ... And well; I did not accepted in the Master at the first year, I got a job many months later and the nice relationship... It was just for a few months ... This is life.

My point is and I hope not to discourage you if you are a person like me who has made many plans even life just makes a lot of changes of it; don't be discouraged. What I'm going to say is that nothing is totally safe; For example: Who would have imagined that a global pandemic would fall in the early 2020s when everything seemed pink? (I still don't believe it). But that does not mean that your goals or dreams are not fulfilled; sometimes only life makes us take a few more turns to learn very interesting things, before achieving our destination; I can tell you that that year that even I thought I lost, in the end it brought me many good things.

Come, let's go to DREAM

Let's talk about you now, currently in the world are complicated times and believe me that like you, I am also at home ... Possibly we share the same thought that it would have been great to spend more time with our friends, hugging them and sharing moments in the same space without a distance limit; however, despite the fact that technology keeps us close; obviously the feeling of freedom is not the same.

Llévame a las estrellas

Perhaps at this moment the question of Where will you be in a year later ?, could really be uncertain, but it gives us the opportunity to dream, which is why I invite you to do so. What do you want to do? Where would you like to go? These are not questions to overwhelm you; if not to reflect that as soon as all this is over, it is a good opportunity to do all those things that you put off, to go to all the places you would like to know and that for some reason you have preferred not to do it, believing that there will be a moment later. I consider that something of this situation has taught us that everything can change in the blink of an eye. It seems to me that this motivates us a lot to remember the places that made us happy and allows us to dream of the idea of walking them again in the future, for this, I invite you to think of 3 scenarios.

Imagine, take action and ¡enjoy!

The first one will be called "Dreaming": Start visualizing and dreaming of all those places that made you happy or those that you have not known and wanted to go to; Start imagining yourself walking the little streets of the place you want, going to eat the food that everyone has recommended, feeling the wind and recognizing the aromas of the place you want (UFF! I was already excited).

The second scenario is called: "Taking Action." Sometimes it is just taking a break to plan them better and that is what this scenario is about, I recommend you look for all the options (OFFERS) you can find for future dates in terms of flights or places of accommodation, take it easy; If you don't book at the moment, you can go looking for options to later select the best one for you. In this, it would also be the same father to make a somewhat improvised trip, such as those in which you buy a flight anywhere and travel with very low expectations. As for personal goals, this can be looking for options or doing small activities that are related to your goals, in order to create discipline and that the goal comes little by little.

Finally, scenario number three is called: “Goal Achieved”. A few months or maybe a year later you can reap the fruits of your work and all that you imagined could be a reality, even better. So now all that remains is to enjoy, smile and share all those dreams that perhaps at the time were not believed to be achievable. I' assure you'm sure that next year you can return to "Your Home Away from Home" and enjoy a delicious martini while you are on that yacht that allows you to go see the beautiful gray and humpback whales and take a tour of El Arco. Or, if you like the Caribbean Sea more, enjoy Cancun and all its archaeological zones, while you eat a delicious salbute (promise me that you are going to invite me).

Also remember, each aspect and individual has its processes and if there is a reason why your goals can be postponed, remember ... The alarms also do it and it is so that we can enjoy our dreams a little more. See you soon and remember to visualize all those places where you have been happy.