The mandatory 40 days of the partial quarantine due to the Coronavirus, that we were forced to take have already passed, things have been improving in some countries such as Mexico, which has flattened the curve, however this has not ended, and we have to rest a little longer than expected, which gives us more time to reflect on certain things.

There will always be Time to Dream about things that we have done in the past and that we want to repeat in the future

Dreams allow us to relax, and illuminate our night solving problems that during the day are repressed or ignored.

But in reality, what is what we dreamed of.

As children, our dreams, although we do not remember them with certainty, were always of joyful fun. to be able to run and play forever, to become superheroes, to have fun with our parents and with our friends and of course to have many friends, eat as many treats as possible and not do homework.

In the teenage years, our dreams change, love is present, and you start dreaming of that special person, the fun never ends and the desire to finish school increases. We dream of being famous and becoming millionaires, so that all our problems are solved.

Once we enter adulthood the dream of finding that ideal someone with whom to share a life and have children, your ideal home, the dream vacation, which includes the necessary relaxation, sea and sand and a lounge chair with unlimited drinks for our guilty pleasure

As older adults, dreams reflect the happiness we live throughout our lives, the adventures we enjoy with our loved ones, our children and possibly grandchildren .

Time to smile, because at this time of social distancing, the smile is the shortest distance between two people

Smiling is a gesture that can change someone's perspective about something, people who do it frequently consider themselves healthier, sociable, friendly and even sometimes attractive.

There are 6 types of smiles that are easy to recognize:

The accomplice:

That smile that shows that you and someone else know something that others do not, a common story that unites them

The welcoming one:

The most common of all, the one that Education is given to people, which shows warmth and denotes confidence.

The seductive:

It is that of lovers, which is not only based on a smile, but also on a look and a flirting gesture

The uncomfortable:

It is that one, of which you feel ashamed for something in which we are not comfortable , as a comment about our childhood towards unknown people.

The confident:

This is the best of all, since it shows someone's safety above all, it is one of those entrepreneurs, people who see everything with optimism

The photogenic:

It is a somewhat forced smile, which has to be perfect to frame that photo , and that memory of the moment, not being natural for that reason sometimes looks very exaggerated.

There will always be time to rekindle what drives you to move forward, to long for beautiful memories and why not create new and better ones.

We hope that in these times of isolation, you will draw a smile on your face as you remember all the great moments that you have experienced in the Solaris hotels:

The emotion of coming flying on the plane and looking out the window when you arrive in Cancun and see the variety of blue colors of the sea, and of course taking the souvenir photos, the anxiety (goodone ) to go on the shuttle and know that you would soon be enjoying time in an all-inclusive

The first time they saw the spectacular sunrise on the beach of Cancun, with the soft sand caressing their feet, the fresh sea breeze on his face and the sun on the horizon, and what to say about the Salmon color sunsets that appear every afternoon, simply a wonderful natural act!

Laugh out loud, like when you participated in one of the multiple activities of the animation teams (and they recorded you with many cell phones) but that does not matter, since it was all for fun, and if you did not, we are sure that if you observed someone of your friends do it.

Remember those strangers that you met at the pool, with whom you now communicate back and forth on social networks, because they are already your friends and are even planning their next vacation together.

Missing those special dinners with your partner, where time and place did not matter, because you did it in the company of a loved one - and of course Marco Polo's dishes are delicious, where you went nuts and ordered 2 desserts, why? Easy, your partner did not decide which one as they were both appetizing.

The moment of their departure, where they not only left the hotel, but a new Family, who was crying to see them leave, and reminded them that their second home was here, and they waited with pleasure and a smile on their faces.

We are sure that these memories, along with many more that we treasure in the Solaris hotels, are for life, In the meantime follow the recommendations by the WHO, as when you take care of yourself, you take care of us, and when we take care of our families, We take care of you too, it won't be long before we can see each other again, have fun and make new adventures that will become anecdotes. We are waiting for you at Your home away from home!