Travelling like a Superheroe!

Today I'll talk to you about Na-Ne, it would seem like a computer code or one of those songs that makes you move your hips, but the truth is that this little word will make you to dance and will blow your heart like a song.

Na-Ne is the name of some superheroines who are little sisters, residing in Los Cabos; the first one, Na (Naia), 9 years old and Ne (Neila), 2 years old. They live in a tree, like to make flower soup or talk with candles; yes, they talk with candles ... In this crazy world, who doesn't talk to an inanimate object? Anyway, don't be scared, this is not a ghost story, is about how the innocence of a couple of girls can teach us great things.

When you were a child, what was your biggest dream? Did you ever imagine yourself as your favorite superhero? I did, and one of my big dreams was to fly. Just like us, these girls also have big dreams and they want to be superheroes but with some "real" powers.

Na-Ne are lovers of nature (in case you have not noticed from the beginning... They live in a tree). But they also have grown with an intense love for plants and animals, which motivates them to carry out certain actions that help to care for and preserve the environment. One of their favorite activities is to reuse colored bottles to make flower pots, which they decorate with cotton threads; they take care of their animals and show them all the love they can give from their small and big hearts (they are so beautiful); However, the most important point and that makes them superheroines, lies in one of their favorite activities... Traveling. Sure, everyone likes to travel, but how to become a superhero when you are traveling?

How to become a superhero when you are traveling?

When we visit a new place it is very common to get it different situations: like buying food or drinks to take away, packaging for souvenirs, drinks with a straw, among others. Which is not negative and is part of the experience; However, it is important to say that sometimes excess disposable items can bring certain complications to the ecosystem. And no, we really don't want that as good travelers. So we can follow Na-Ne's superhero tips. For example, when they are traveling try to bring reusable utensils to fill local food or water; which has many advantages ... They can eat sitting anywhere they want, from going to the beach and sitting on the sand; go up some hill and have camping supplies, if you wish ... Obviously, the one that I consider main, to contribute to local businesses, which allows citizens to have more income opportunities (see why these little girls are heroines).

Surfing in the sky

No matter the way that you travel, there are several options to enjoy vacations and be superheroes. One of these good ways is to ask for All-Inclusive packages (as well as in Royal Solaris) that give you the option of having access to food and drinks throughout your stay (if you bring a container or your ecological bag that allows you to transport your food or take your drinks from the bar to everywhere ... Well you know ...), which can save you a lot if your option is to find a safe space to vacation and in turn give you the opportunity to visit other nearby places ... Of which, following the ecological turn, let me ask you Some recommendations of national parks where you can enjoy with your family and promote environmental care in children in a fun way (so you know where to take them this Children's Day).

One of my favorites is the Whale and Marine Science Museum in La Paz, about 2 hours north of San José del Cabo. Speaking a little bit of history (always a interesting fact), the place started as a community space; later in 2016 it was reinvented and converted into a Museum that houses one of the world's largest collections of marine mammal skeletons. One of the main objectives of this place is to expose and inform attendees of the 28 species of whales found in the waters of our beautiful state in Baja California Sur. The museum has 6 rooms where you will learn about the history and evolution of the different marine mammals and be a great superhero supporting and learning aspects that will help you in their conservation.

*Curious fact, the museum is an ally in dealing with the complaints of all the animals that are stranded on the coasts. See, you would even join the Justice League!

Here is the link of the web page, so if you are interested, when you can come back, take a tour:, I am sure you will love it, in addition to giving you the opportunity to know one of the beautiful cities in Baja California Sur, La Paz; Now let's keep flying through the skies like good superheroes.