7 Misconceptions About Los Cabos

We create an image of a place depending on what our friends tell us or see in Hollywood movies. The desert heat or endless days of Spring Break are some of them, in this blog, we will give you some facts that will provide you a wider vision to visit the beautiful city of Los Cabos.

1. Spring Break.

Spring break season maybe couldn't be the favorite for some people that look for a quiet trip. There are times when the cheapest airfare or lodging rates can coincide with these dates, when young people experience the fun to the fullest. But not all is lost. You can take advantage of the offers after Spring Break, which are often a bit cheaper, enjoy a quieter city, or take advantage of all the amenities that an All-Inclusive establishment can offer you.

Likewise, the City of San José del Cabo is usually more tranquil than Cabo San Lucas, so if your trip is within these dates, you can choose to spend time in the city or even go to the Magical nearby Towns.

2. Expensive.

If we compare Los Cabos with other states of the Mexican Republic, Los Cabos may have higher prices; However, here are some tips can help you save some money. If you want to go out of the comforts that Club Solaris provides you, there are very cheap options to do in the city. For example, San Jose del Cabo is a small but very colorful town, so wearing walking shoes, you can have the best walking experience. Now, perhaps you have already walked a lot.

In that case, you can request a transport through telephone apps that will charge you approximately 2 dollars each way, and you can get 3 in the same car, taking the necessary hygiene measures. Another option is to use the public transport that goes from the airport to San Lucas, allowing you to explore the two Cabos; These cost approximately 2 — 5 dollars, depending on your trip. Finally, different buses (maybe one dollar per person) pass through the city to take you to the most remote parts of the city. You can also go to several supermarkets or eat at local businesses with excellent services.

If you want to visit our beautiful Arch, you can take a boat in the San Lucas marina, which should not charge you more than 15 dollars for a small tour. As the last recommendation, you can stock up on snacks or some groceries to prepare simple meals at your room, and take it as if it were your beach kit. This way, you will save food or drink that can increase its price a little in tourist places, and it will be one more way to live with your family.

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3. Hurricanes.

Hearing the words "Hurricane Season" can be terrifying, especially if we imagine something out of a Hollywood movie, with sharks flying through the air; however, this is not how it happens. The state of Baja California has civil protection services that are alert to any event that could affect locals and tourists' safety, so each establishment has the necessary measures to avoid tragedies. All Club Solaris windows have special protection, and there is 24-hour staff available to assist you.

4. Dangerous.

There is imminent danger on your trip to Los Cabos, and is that you will fall in love with the city and never want to leave, or at least not for a long time. The social situations of each country or region frequently, and some areas where perhaps you can have more scares that you imagine than by what happens to you, is real. However, it is essential that if you want to explore areas that are not touristy, traveling or transporting with someone you trust or when it is not late at night, these are measures that will allow you to be calmer. However, feel confident that public safety will support you in whatever you need, just like all the inhabitants of the city who have the biggest heart you can imagine.

5. Extremely hot.

Although part of the territory is desert and from June to August temperatures can exceed 86°F, in every establishment (including your hotel), there is air conditioning 24 hours. Also, several pools in which you can cool off while taking advantage of the bars promotions. But if you like adventure, it is also an excellent option to explore Los Cabos searching for the most beautiful beaches.

6. Only for beach lovers.

The sand, the heat, or the sea's smell, are reasons why some people do not like the beach; however, it is a global treasure that has diverse ecosystems and magical towns. You can find almost 40 endemic species in mangroves, reefs, estuaries, wooded areas, deserts, and estuaries.

A clear example is La Sierra La Laguna, a reserve between La Paz and Los Cabos; It is a wooded area where you can find archaeological remains. If you are looking for "city places" in Cabo San Lucas marina, you can find and take advantage of the promotions of the Plaza Puerto Paraíso.

7. It is so far.

Distance and time are relative, in addition to the fact that San José del Cabo has an International Airport with approximately 550 weekly flights that connect with 40 destinations. Take advantage of the promotions and come enjoy It, may take a little time to arrive, depending on where you visit us, but the wait will be worth it because you will not want to return.