Tips to improve your vacation

Everybody may consider themselves travel Experts, but no matter how much you travel, there is always something new to learn or to be prepared for the next trip. Today we are bringing you the basic essential tips for well-deserved vacations to Cancun or Cabo.

First thing first, one thing for sure is you’re going to be picking a tropical destination, so the attire in your luggage must always be accordingly to this, depending on the number of days you plan to travel, you may have to pack at least two beach suits, that you can mix and match, two pairs of sporting clothes, and one formal attire for a night out.

Now, remember we are in the post COVID world, so carry a couple of face masks because you will need them to board the plane and enter some other places.

Remember to plan your trip with the sightseeing places that you want to explore, it’s always good to have a predestined budget to help you find out what to do next. Just don’t over plan and take all the fun out of it, always leave something to be unexpected, that way you can spend much more time in a place that you like

When traveling with the whole family, this is something you must check and double-check before you leave: Necessary paperwork like boarding passes, confirmations, and of course passports. Might seem obvious, but you have no idea how many people a day lose their flights due not to having valid documents, and then the vacations start on the wrong foot, and become more expensive, due to the fact of purchasing a new set of tickets.

Don’t be that person that spends hours and hours looking at reviews until they find something negative about the place you’re visiting. Remember the best review is word of mouth, so find friends who have traveled before to the destination and ask them straight forward if they like it or not.

Do you know what’s the perfect length for a vacation? nobody does, but it's sure fun to find out, right? A three day weekend maybe is not long enough as you spend at least a full day traveling, a whole week could provide you enough fun, and much needed R & R ( Rest & Relax), but we highly recommend to stay ten days, that way you can plan things to do outside of the resort; Both, Cancun and Cabo, have lots of activities and sightseeing places, that you won’t ever end visiting, but at least you could try.

During your vacations, you might have to work, hey its part of the glories of victory, and if you do, make sure you look for a comfortable place to do so, one away from the crowds that might distract you, that way you can get it over as soon as possible and return to enjoy your family and your vacations.

Vacations shouldn’t have to break your bank account, you can find several dates throughout the year or special promotions to travel and save big time, and even better, once in the resort, ask the concierge for Free perks, or discounted prices on extras that you might want to purchase, there will always be a discount available if you ask for it.

Last tip: Book that Vacation, enjoy the time, Relax, you have worked for it for over a year, and you deserve it, so why not take it, bring some joy to the face of your partner or family, make them feel special, and make sure you have a good time.

Well, As I told you before these are basic tips, that sometimes we oversee, as we are all tied up with the excitement of the trip, but it is always good to remember what we need to do before, during, and after our trip, see you soon at your Home, Away from Home.