Xtabentún Liquor

Today we want to tell you a little more about a traditional drink from the región of Yucatan our neighbor state, mostly from the Mayan culture, and that has transcended through the years with multiple uses in the culinary taste, we are talking about the Xtabentún liquor, that you have probably heard that name before, but still you do not know what it contains, Todays your lucky day as we are going to tell you

The word Xtabentún that comes from the Mayans of course, and means that weed that grows in the stone, and it is said that mixed with another plant called floripondio produces a psychotropic effect from which the ancient Mayan priests entered in trance and contacted the gods.

Legend has it, that this flower owes its name to a woman named Xtabay, who was one of the most beautiful in the town, and who had several love affairs with the young Mayan warriors, also on the other hand she was a woman with a great heart who gave support for those in need of something to eat or shelter, even animals that no one wanted. She received them in her humble place.

Despite all this, she was despised by the town for her love affairs, until one day she suddenly died, everyone was surprised not to see her, and they thought she had run away with a boyfriend to another town, but nevertheless the days passed and from her house came out a very soft and rich aroma, when fellow neighbors decided to enter, they saw her lying on the floor dead and emanating that peculiar smell, the animals were protecting her to shed off the flies, among some neighbors they made a stone tomb, from which white flowers grew that continued to emanate the same smell. That is the origin of the name and of the flower that grows on the rock.


First, we are going to analyze the ingredients and their elaboration, The liquor is a mixture of pure bee honey which is fed with the pollen of the Xtabentún flower, and anise which produces liquor with a mild flavor that is used as a digestive after eating food.

Other Applications


As we mentioned, its use is merely digestive due to its sweet taste, you can have a cup of it when finishing your food, or it can also be combined in various delicacies such as:

Cafe Maya

At the lobby, during the afternoons at 5 pm, we have the Flamed Cafe show (temporarily suspended until further notice) where in addition to being able to enjoy the spectacle of flying flame heating up the coffee, you can order different combinations of this, like the Irish, the Spanish, the Mexican and of course the Mayan coffee, which is made with freshly made Pot coffee, a shot of coffee liqueur and of course the sweetener: the Xtabentun.

Sweets with chocolate

Due to its exquisite sweet taste, Xtabentún is in favor of being combined with other sweets, such as chocolate truffles or even fruits, Shh this is a secret, but within one of the Veneto restaurant desserts that we offer at the Blind tasting dinner, the chocolate is soaked in Xtabentun, to accentuate the flavors of the dark chocolate, this is something that you definitely cannot miss on your next visit. All the diners have been impressed without being able to guess the secret ingredient.

The next time you visit us in Cancun, do not hesitate to try it, ask your bartender, or in some of the events that we show you above such as Tea Time, or blind tasting, without a doubt it is one of the culinary delicacies that our ancestors they left us.