Reasons to visit Los Cabos

In previous blogs, you have found the holy grail to have your long-awaited vacation; however, the question the most crucial question here is: Where you will go?

There are several beautiful places to visit in Mexico, but in this blog, we will give you an excellent option to consider. Although the most famous beaches are in the Mexican Caribbean, the waters of the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez have been gaining popularity, mainly due to their cleanliness and care for the environment.

For this, we will talk about three recognitions: Safe Travels, Blue Flag and Playas Platino, all are very important, so do not pay attention to the order.

The first recognition we will discuss is the badge Safe Travels awarded by the World Travel and Tourism Council, which is made up of the presidents of the leading travel and tourism companies in most countries. This council works to raise awareness in one of the essential sectors worldwide.

Under the Sea

With the new normal, the council teamed up with governments and health experts to develop protocols and action plans to provide the public and private sectors with the tools necessary to ensure that people are and feel safe when traveling.

As a result of this, it established a badge called #SafeTravels that, after specific evaluations, awards to different establishments such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, and cities. To make a long story short, the destinations of Los Cabos and Cancun and the Solaris Hotels have obtained the emblem of safe travel by complying with all the guidelines established by the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Now, we know that you are interested in resting in front of the waves of the sea while sunbathing in Los Cabos; We will tell you that this year some beaches in Los Cabos have two great attractions to offer their tourists; The first is the Blue Flag Certification in 19 of its beaches and 5 with Platinum Certification, but in addition to happiness, what does it mean to have these certifications?

The Blue Flag Certification is an environmental certification granted by the European Foundation for Environmental Education to beaches and marinas. Every time you see one, you will know that you are on a clean beach, that it has excellent water quality, that it meets high safety standards, and that it is continuously working to protect local coasts and ecosystems. You can learn more from the blue flag certification in this Santa Maria beach video.

Some of the beaches that have certification Blue Flag are: Acapulquito, Playa Chileno, Corsario, Hacienda, Las Viudas, Palmilla, Santa María, La Ribera, El Médano, among others.

Of the previous ones, 5 are recognized as the first beaches in Mexico to be recognized by the Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification AC (IMNC) with the Platinum Beach award. This recognition encompasses all the beaches that can improve and strengthen the environmental conditions of their surroundings, with the support of the private initiative and the Government, to obtain high standards of quality and sustainability. Every time you dive into the waves, You can say that you are swimming and enjoying life on the best beaches.

Platinum Certified Beaches: Santa María, Las Viudas, Chileno, Palmilla and Acapulquito.

So if you still don't know which destination in Mexico to go to when you want to go on vacation, you can start touring this side of the country, which in addition to marvel at the perfect mix of desert and colorful towns; You will also find an oasis with beautiful beaches at every turn of the road.