Is it possible to have healthy habits during the holidays?

In everyday life, we lead a healthy lifestyle, or at least we try. Eating healthy meals, getting enough sleep, and exercising are part of our daily routine.

When we go on vacation, the first thing we want to do is disconnect from the routine and reconnect with our family and with ourselves.

The excitement of being on vacation makes us feel that we can break our healthy routine to enjoy our holidays more, but that does not mean that we neglect our good habits.

In this blog, we will give you 7 tips to enjoy your holidays and stay healthy.

Sun salutation

1.- The day starts from when we open our eyes when we wake up, so stretching the body to its maximum helps activate our energy. If we join our morning routine with a glass of warm water with squeezed lemon and a small amount of bicarbonate will help cleanse your body.

2. After your "Grandma's Potion to Wake Up," it's also essential to get a little protein to inspire us to tour our dream destination. Nutritionists recommend starting with melon or watermelon, which helps the body stay hydrated and are accessible for the stomach to digest. Later, an omelet like the ones you find in your favorite restaurant will give you the protein you need.

3.- Another way to stay healthy during the holidays is to do some exercise, such as a walk on the beach, yoga classes, or a kayak trip

. Although if you like to carry out a daily exercise routine or enjoy the comforts of Solaris Gym, you can ask to your hotel about the schedules for gym room, including taking some sessions with Entertainment and Sports team.

4.- If you don't love being in a gym, you can get out of the routine and spend your day at the beach. An excellent option is to explore on foot. So you can do a physical activity, save on transportation and get to know every corner of the city. To enjoy your trip, you must go prepared with a light bag where you can carry a bottle of water and a snack such as fruit, seeds, or a granola bar. Even a little bit of dark chocolate is an excellent option.

5.- In summertime, your skin can suffer by exposure to UV rays. Whether you exercise on the beach or enjoy exploring the destination, using the proper sunscreen, you can get a dreamy tan. By the way, if you want to swimm the whole day, and ecological sunscreen is the best option.

6.- Stay away from your cell phone. The office is still chasing us on vacation. The ideal scenario would be to disconnect from everything, but we all know it is impossible. Avoid browsing your mobile devices every 5 minutes, looking for information, or uploading photos of events. Holidays await you outside, not on your cell phone. Please limit the number of times you check your devices to see social media updates or work emails, I know they are essential, but I also know that you are on vacation. Enjoy them!

7.- Hydrate yourself! Sometimes we forget the importance of drinking water in the daily hustle. Still, our body must be well hydrated, especially if we are on the beach or in a destination with high temperatures such as Los Cabos. If you don't have a bottle of water on hand, you can request one at the hotel bar and take it with you (you can fill it as many times as you want). I recommend avoiding drinks with caffeine or sugars with high alcohol content (tequila and mezcal do not count) since they have a diuretic effect that will have the opposite effect. Now, if the heats catch you off guard and you start to feel hot, you can spray a little water on your head and neck, which will help you cool off again.

Holidays are made for relaxing and regaining the energy lost during daily stress and, of course, to create the best memories. However, you must remember rest is a way to take care of our health, but with these tips, your whole body will enjoy the holidays.