Ahh Ventura Park

Welcome everybody, I have started once again making my monthly trips to nearby places and parks to write a review for you and recommendations on what to do near Royal Solaris Cancun.

This time around, I had the advantage of booking a Waterpark thru Sol-Ha travel agency, which is only 3 miles away from the resort, Yes Its call Ventura park.

This is one of the many fun Cancun Excursions available to do on your trip.

Let’s start by telling you that Ventura is a big Waterpark, with Several Swimming pools, a lazy river, a wave pool, Beach access, Slides for the whole family and Ziplines; there are also other worlds in the complex, like Lasertag, Go-karts, etc., but We won’t talk about them this time around as they were closed.

I bought a package that included access to the park, all meals, and drinks, and the Dolphin experience add-on. Since I did it in advance, there was express access for my group once at the park.

First Stop was the Dolphin encounter; the Area is a bit Separated from the rest of the park, nice one, by the way, it has a Shopping store, a second-floor lounge, with a Bar, a pool and several suntan beds, locker rooms, Dressing rooms, and showers.

Each bracelet has a time written on it, which belongs to the group to go with, need to be there 10 min before for induction, and how to react underwater. We head up for lifevest and googles, the instructor Jose Luis welcomed us, and Introduce us to our Two new Friends ¨Asia & Apollo¨ beautiful mammals, fun fact Asia is the leader of the pack, and Apollo is his Son.

During our 40 min Solaris Experience, We got to touch them as they swim by, they sang for us, clapped, kissed us on the cheek, water splash battle and several other things, Jose Luis is very well prepared, as he has been doing this job for the past eight years, it’s not only about being there with the dolphins but also knowing their behaviors and background.

And how they interact with them on a daily basis to make them feel as they were out in the sea ( All of these dolphins have been born in the Aquarium ) so they are not forced to do their tricks, they were taught to do so. I counted 15 Dolphins over five pools.

Well, after spending the first part of the day on the water, I headed out to the main pool to look for a lounge chair and relax for a while, of course, with a cold long island iced tea on my hand. You could hear kids screaming, hanging on the zipline that crossed the whole park, and families having fun inside the water or at the slides.

At noon I decided to go to the Buffet, located on the main building, of course keeping the required social distancing, as most of the places are not Self serve anymore, but assisted, I had a hamburger and some chicken nuggets, they also had pizza, hotdogs, and Fries, like most snacks, do, there were some desserts there, but I didn’t eat any.

Afterward, I headed to the lazy river, it’s no deeper than 4 feet and runs all around the park, a cool way to rest the food, and still be in the water, during the walk, You can feel the breeze from Fountains, showers, and with rest stops where you could get on/off to get yourself another drink.

Next stop the main pool, to be able to swim, as time fly by and it was almost time to go back to the hotel, on the way out we found an ice cream shop, and bought some to cool off from the heat we took all day.

Park is open currently on the weekends from 10 am to 5 pm, although the Dolphin experience is available all week long (has another entry point), you can read more about this amazing park here.

Stay tuned for more incredible adventures nearby the Solaris Resorts, that even tho you don’t need to go outside the hotel, it is always good to know the options out there, to see different scenery, See you real soon.