Stay Fit during your Cabo vacation

Treadmills at the Gym of Royal Solaris Los Cabos

Christmas is approaching, a time of love, peace, and happiness and where many people go on a trip with their families, visit loved ones, and enjoy the delicious traditional meals at meetings and festivities.

This is why many people on these dates are looking for ways to stay in shape, as this is a time when food is vast, due to the abundance that the season represents, also taking into account that the outputs are less constant since We seek to spend quality time with the family.

In Royal Solaris Los Cabos we have what you need

It's true that many families come to this destination to spend these Christmas holidays, to enjoy and have fun with the all-inclusive we have for them, and so do not worry about cooking, just to spend more time with loved ones, and our hotels are just what they need.

One way you can keep your figure during these dates is if you take advantage of the facilities we have for you since the fitness center royal solaris has new treadmills, multifunction machines, dumbbells, and barbells so you can come in the morning or in the afternoon to complete your routine.

New equipment at the Gym from Royal Solaris Los Cabos

In the Solaris Gym, we have what it takes for everyone to have a Christmas holiday while staying fit, an instructor can guide you daily to exercise in the best way, without being so strict.

But this is not all, you may be thinking, "I do not exercise at home, how am I going to be motivated to do it on vacation?" The answer is straightforward. Remember you're on the beach, you can get tan, but instead of burning calories with the sun, why not do it exercising, here you are allowed to bring your loved ones, without any additional charge, you will realize that many partners and guests already take advantage of it

We also do favorite activities for women, which are: Zumba and Stretching, because we know they love to dance, they can do it during our dance class with the Animation team, and not only that, the Trainer, has a special stretching class, something minimal, to be able to de-stress the muscles.

The area is always well maintained and conditioned, thanks to the team of housekeepers, who regularly clean the equipment, bring new towels, jugs of water so that everyone is well hydrated, our facilities are ventilated, adequate, and you can exercise without any problem

And at the end of your exercise, you can go to pamper yourself at our spa or even use the pool (it is recommended to let your body rest before), to relax and know that you and your body will be grateful for taking care of themselves.

We will be waiting for you to come and visit us and enjoy with your loved ones in your next vacation in: Your Home away from home!