#SolarisMoment to Travel with Family

A study by the American Association of Psychologists, says that it is essential for your health to take a holiday trip, at least once a year. We all need a few days to disconnect from the routine and enjoy outside the home; what better option than to do it as a family.

Family vacations, in addition to being a lot of fun, help us create stronger bonds, get to know our loved ones better, and create the best memories.

From planning to homecoming, a trip will give the whole family lots of fun. Include your whole family in the plan from the very beginning, especially the children. Get them excited about the place they will visit and maybe even ask for their help to research some activities to do in that place. Also, packing their bags with everything they need can be a great family time.

Arriving at your destination and with a lot of activities to do, it is normal that everyone wants to do different things; Children will want to play all day, teenagers go out dancing, and adults may want to be more relaxed and read a book the pool.

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Being in an All-Inclusive resort, you can find different options for each one. With the peace of mind that everyone is in a safe place; however, it is essential to learn to make agreements and understand that everyone has different needs and different tastes. Hence, agreements help everyone enjoy their holidays to the fullest.

To be more specific, at this point, in Club Solaris, there is a specialized area for each age: there is a Kids Club, where children can have different activities such as making crafts, watching their favorite movies, or spending a pleasant time on the slides. There are various activities on the beach for young people, and in the pool that can be done with the Entertainment team, and who knows, maybe you'll have new friends after that. For adults, the relaxation area, spa, and the different bars within the facilities are excellent options for fun. Also, at night various shows are held suitable for each audience.

The day can start very early to take advantage of the day and establish some time to meet at a certain point after a specific time. However, the children need to have mom and dad supervision for a while; later, they can take a space and feel sure that their children will be in good hands with our Entertainment team.

On a day-to-day basis, coexistence is very different from that which occurs during holidays. While you're away from home enjoying fun activities, cookouts, a dip in the pool, or discovering a new place; Strong and beautiful family ties are created. Enjoying a sunset at the beach or eating your lunch are lovely moments to talk with your family and integrate. The relationships children have with their family during their childhood are significant, and holidays give them space and time to create an affectionate and fun relationship with their parents.

How many do not remember all the anecdotes that we lived from children where the stage of the pool in the sun, take on a brightness made up of laughter and games, who stayed with us until we got home?

In everyday life, everyone has different activities, such as work, school, sports, and friends, so that family life is limited. Take the chance, get out of the routine and, enjoy a few days in paradise. Get to know your family better, talk, and get closer to each other. Everyone will be much more willing to live together without the distractions of the routine, take advantage of these moments, and enjoy them.

We recommend taking many photos and videos to make these memories more tangible so that the little ones can see these images in a few years and relive the moments.

Time passes very quickly, so we must treasure every moment that we can spend as a family. Children grow up fast, and possibly tomorrow, they will live in another city or have other responsibilities, making more difficult to meet. Taking a vacation with the people you love is more important than you might think. Finally, the little details and the good times are what make us live fully and love more. The best investment of time and money is definitely the experience that you can live during family vacations.