What can I find at GR Caribe

Hello and welcome back, everybody has been asking us how Solaris Hotels are handling business post-COVID, so let’s give you the rundown of the place.

First of all the boring part, the procedures: Yes when you arrive at the Hotels motor lobby, you will be required to have your Temperature checked, to wash your hands, Clean your shoe soles on a Sanitizing mat, and enter a Sanitizing boot to get some ozone on your clothes, While all of this is being done, the bellboys will be whipping your luggage clean with disposable paper towels and a special disinfectant spray.

Tip. have you seen the Cool protect Kit goodies bag that Club Solaris is giving out to their loyal guests? They include the Eco-friendly bag, a bottle of Antibacterial Gel, wipes, and Two Facemasks in case you need one. Ask your concierge how to get them.

As you have been seeing by following our social media, some things changed because it was required by World Health organizations, like the mandatory use for Face masks and shields to all Hotel Staff, the Antibacterial totems you can find at most areas and restaurants, including on each floor by the elevators, and several cleaning protocols during the day a and night.

Now, here comes an important question: Are you required to wear a Facemask all the time? The answer is NO, it is recommended but not mandatory, you’re on vacation, and you can be sure, that We are following every Cleaning And safety procedure out there to make you feel like home once again.

What about Food?

All restaurants at Club Solaris Gr Caribe are open; each one has a Hand sanitizer station to wash your hands, the capacity at each restaurant is limited, due to some tables being inactive for social distancing, all our servers wear facemasks, protective shield, and gloves as they attend you.

Snack bar - located right next to the pool, It’s still buffet Type, with the only difference that It is now Serve-a assisted, meaning there is a glass in front, and you can choose what items to eat, and the Chef will put them on a plate to serve you, and that the Spoons won’t go hand to hand with each other. There are also markers on the floor will limit the distance between you and the next in line, Want more, no worries, Ask, and you will be served on a clean plate.

Cafe Solaris - our breakfast restaurant Changed from Being Buffet type to a la Carte, Still offering all the things you love to have in the morning, like Cereal, Fruits, hotcakes, waffles and even Eggs ( your way ) & omelets, The menu, is a rather odd ( first time ) as it’s printed in a Cardboard, and rolled to each table, So there is no need to touch the physical menus to avoid the hand to hand exchange.

Bogavante- With its beautiful views of the Caribbean, the oceanfront restaurant is open for lunch every day of the week, the same drill, with the mobile printed menus, now for dinner, the restaurant will be open every other night, when it’s not open the dinner option will be Veneto. You can find as always refreshing platters of Salads, Seafood, and the Grilled specialties that everybody loves and a different menu every two days.

Veneto, the traditional restaurant for a four-course dinner, will also be open every other night. If it’s not open, then you can Eat at Bogavante; Seating is limited as social distancing must be enforced (don’t worry, if you have a big group, we can still sit you together, we will rearrange the tables, so there is no other couple near you. The menu you know is printed and rolled out to your table to avoid touching any paper; here, you can Relish Amazing dishes with the Chefs signature.

Room Service- Yes we do have it 24/7 for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the menu is the same for any meal, and everything is included, so you can order as many times you like.


The pool bar is open daily from 11 am to 5 pm, all your favorite drinks and mixers are available for you to refresh yourself form the heath, All the Barman and Waiters follow a strict cleaning and disinfecting procedures before they serve you the next drink, and there are no refills - So that means that every time we use a clean glass to pour the beverage in.

Lobby Bar - The favorite gathering spot after hours, opens daily from 3 pm to 11 pm, with all the favorite drinks at your disposal, and even better for members with premium drinks available.

TIP: keep on the lookout every other day, at noon, our chefs cook up a special treat for everyone to enjoy: like Tacos, Ceviche, shrimp cocktail, and even some Ice cream stands for the kids; as well the barmen go to your place with a refreshing Drink made with seasonal fruit and of course some alcohol.


The Sports and entertainment team has several activities daily for you, having social distancing does not mean you can’t have fun, We start the day off by doing some stretching or Water aerobics, afterward, we can continue with music/movie trivia, there is live music every Wednesday by the pool, and the Classic Bingo at 3 pm.

For the children- there are also some outdoor activities to keep them amused, most of them being handcrafted things, you can find the girls in the corner of the pool, with daily surprises from 11 am to 5 pm.

Night shows - currently, the resort is offering three different shows at night at the Tehuacan theater - yes, in the sister property Royal Solaris, check the listings to see which one is available, usually are Love city - Mondays, Comedian -Wednesday, and broadway on Saturdays. The show starts at 8:30 pm, but the theater’s capacity has been reduced to maintain the rules, so seating is limited, arrive early to get the best one.

Other Facilities

The gym is closed by Local government requests. The SPA is closed, but the Palapa upfront the beach is open to treat yourself to a nice and soothing massage, the Tobacco shop is open, and the Sol Ha travel agency is also open to book external tours - inside the sports and entertainment palapa.

Mini Golf and Tennis court are open and available for your use, ask for the sanitized equipment at the Sports palapa.

The Open-air/oceanfront Jacuzzis are available for everyone to use, remember left is for adults only, and right is for Families.

The beach is open, and there is plenty of room to go lay down on it, get the perfect tan, right now, that it’s not so crowded. If you want to swim in the ocean, follow the indications of the color Flags: Red is a NO, Yellow is just above the waist and Green its the water is very calm.

Super-Duper Tip: even tho the Royal Solaris hotel next door is closed, you can still use the beach and the pool over there -and as you could find out is always empty, there is one downside of it, there are no bars or food station over there, but don’t worry, our waiter goes once in a while to take you new drinks to replace those Waterdown by the Ice, be patient, as he has to walk from one hotel to the other, I believe they do walk 10 miles daily.

The baby park is just in between both hotels, and it's an open air space that is available to take the kids 24/ 7, and it’s also cleaned and sanitized every hour, so if the little ones still have energy, take them there.

I know that this article will clear the majority of your doubts and that after reading it, you will start making plans to come back and enjoy the much-needed vitamin D and some freedom, of course; Can’t wait to see you and have a laugh together.