Be Healthy, Be Solaris

Human beings need to live a Healthy Life, and that Doesn't mean be in a gym 24/7, or do diets all year long, you can do just a little bit of exercise now and then and eat healthy 4 out 7 days a week, and you will boost your immune system,but guess what there is also another trick that we want to share today with you, and that's all the Health Benefits of the Beach, Yes you heard that right, being on vacations can improve several things in your body, let's find out how.

There have been multiple studies showing that natural environments like the Beach, or Oceanfront resorts, have restorative benefits to the body.


The King of our Solar system, the One who brights out our days, and allows us to do a lot of things during the day, emits ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays, some of which brings certain benefits to us mere mortals.

Skin in a direct exposure to the sun, produces vitamin D, which also helps to the absorption of calcium, end result stronger bones Laying on the beach for as long as 10 min can mean having up to 25,000 IU of vitamin D, just the time to start tanning.

Boosts Immunity by Increasing the Endorphins, and preventing the Autoimmune diseases.

Rejuvenates aging Eyes. something all girls can relate too (because they care) a few minutes under the Sun, with some cucumber or coconut oil, can help your skin.

Improves sleep quality, believe it or not it does, just remember what happens after a long day of activities on the pool, beach or courtyards, under the Raging sun, you go up to your room, take a shower, and immediately go to take a Nap, actually one of the bests naps you might have.

Reduce Cancer Risk- Yes i know that too much Exposure to direct sunlight can cause Skin Cancer, but overall in a regulated environment your body will be healthier, and will basically avoid diseases.

Improves metabolism, Just like superman or birdman, the Sun provides the energy to Do A lot of Activities, it's like a Jumpstart to your body.

Increased height- well is not proven 100 % but people who lived up north usually are a few inches smaller than the ones living down south , that's because Winter season lasts more up north.

Lowers risk for multiple sclerosis - once again a healthy body that does sports, gets vitamin D and boosts its immune system can avoid any other problems.

Eases mild depression - of course, lying on the beach, with the Sun all over our head and body, can Help brighten up our days, and makes you forget major problems you might have.

Disclaimer We all know the risks of too much sun exposure: 3rd degree sunburns, Skin cancer or melanomas, so don't stay too much time outside on the Sun, use long sleeves from time to time, and also sunblock ( Read more here)


Our feet have some sweat glands and nerves, and those nerves are stimulated better when Walking barefoot at the beach.

Also, have you notice, that each time, Shoes are more Ergonomic and softer than before, and that's good, as they relieve stress from the foot, but it's also Bad, because some of the Muscles located there don't get the proper flexibility, and Walking or jogging in the sand does, wonder why, Sports teams do their preseason at the beach, thats why.

Speaking of this, did you know that walking on sand requires as much as 3x the energy than doing it on the street, imagine running sprints on it.

Know what other thing the sand is good for ? Exfoliating, Yes, its sounds crazy right, but sand contains gypsum, silicon and Iron, which will nurture and cleanse your skin on a natural way, Try this before applying your tanning lotion, it will help a lot.

How to do it ? Well grab some dry sand, mix it with seawater, and rub it softly all over your skin, let it sit there for a couple of minutes, and then take a swim in the sea, you'll notice the difference and a softer skin afterwards.


The Sea water contains a wide variety of minerals, some of them magnesium, potassium and iodine, things that basically fight infections, have therapeutic effects, and potentially help the body heal and detoxify.When ever you have a recent cut or wound on your skin go into the Water, Yes it will burn at first, but see how it magically

gets better quicker.

Swimming decreases stress,anxiety and depression, and increases a sense of well-being.

One of the best workouts ever providing an excellent physical exercise, using most of our major muscle groups in each stroke, especially as the water provides gentle resistance, just make sure to find a beach in Cabo where you can swim at, as mostly are very rough, Cancun ones are Ok to go swimming.

As it's a Cardiovascular activity, it reduces the risk of chronic diseases by boosting heart health.

Rehab - the other type of rehab LoL, Suffering from Knee, back or have any other injury, go and do some Low impact exercises in the water ( with low tide) and you'll see how well the results go, also helps out who sufferers from arthritis, and improves joint pain symptoms.

Well, here you have it, didn't think a Day at The Solaris Beach could help with all those things right ? ohh and i forgot to mention, That BIG smile on your Face by being here it's also healing, just follow proper tanning methods, and stay away from high tide, and you'll enjoy your time here, hope to see you sun ( pun intended)