11 mistakes that ruin your vacation photos

We thrive for vacations and the memories that we can create, but not just in our head, but also in the pictures, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this social media world, with filters and camera phones, is always good to know what are the best positions and angles, so the images can be shared with all, with these tips, people will think you hired a professional photographer to follow you around.

Individual photos common mistakes

DONT: Double leg - When posing on a landscape, and you leave your legs one next to the other, creating an effect of a single wide leg, and with an odd final effect.

DO: Correct the posture, put one leg above the other, creating a gap that can perfectly distinguish both of them.

DONT: Frontal picture with the Knees facing upfront, the pose on a chair or lounge bed, the end result will seem uncomfortable, your body will visually look shorter as you were crouching.

DO: just have to turn your legs a bit to either side ( your dominant one ), this will show the complete body, curves and all.

DONT: take a picture from the top, bad angles, disturbs the proportions of the subjects face, making the neck disappear, the whole image will look bad.

DO: a correct posture will be take the picture leveled, make sure all the body is seen without a shadow.

DONT : focus is not on the person's face/body, again, wrong angles make the body seem without any shape ( or like it was photoshopped in the picture )

DO: do a complete frama, center the person in the picture make eye contact and smile.

DONT : Take images with your face too deep in the water, as your chin will be underwater, or just above it, causing a double chin effect.

DO: Yes try this pose, but instead of doing it on the deep end of the pool or the sea, that way your neck will be completely out of the water and the focus will be on the face a closeup worthy of a profile picture.

DONT : face the front of the camera on your knees, as your waist, and the lower part of your legs will disappear.

DO: sit on the ground with your legs a little to the side, like and L shape, this way the full body will be visible, and you will have a perfect background.

DONT, stand up with your arms on the side, like a soldier, this pose will make you look square.

DO: move your one of your shoulders up front and cross your legs , that way you could look taller.

DONT: Sit on a ledge, and raise your feet to face the camera, remember everything is about perspective, and your legs can seem shorter.

DO: sit on the ledge, turn either side of the camera, so your tights can be completely on the ledge, with the tip of your foot just above the water.

DON'T pose a poor posture as it makes you have a belly, so don't slouch.

DO a correct posture: straighten your back .

DON'T keep Knees close to the chest, the closer the legs, the more it invalidates the proportion of the body correct posture.

DO a correct posture with a half line pose, legs crossed one in front of the other, will make you look taller and display a better background.

DON'T lean on things - when doing this, like hand supporting a part of the body,DO a Correct posture : join knees, and rest on a slightly bent arm.

DON'T pose a poor posture as it makes you have a belly, so don't slouch DO a correct posture: straighten your back.

Main thing in the pictures will always be Emotions, that way you could create memorable memories Of course, there are lots of posing rules. Yet don’t forget that the main thing in a good photo is not a perfect pose, body, or angle: it’s emotions. A wrong pose with a bright, sincere, and emotional picture will please others and get into your personal memory album.