Remember our Childhood Games?

Hello everyone, this blog will surely bring one or more great memories and nostalgia to all those over 40, who grew up without technology or computers to play, where our fun was based on the imagination and skill of team games.

This can be a very good reminder, of what games to teach your children or grandchildren and continue with some old traditions.


The simplest of all, where 2 or more players would run around the yard chasing each other to tag them, and immediately run away from the one who now is “it”, hours of fun and exercise.

Catch the cat

Here it is enforced to be played with 3 people, where two stood facing each other and the cat got in the middle, Those on the outer sides threw a ball or other object trying not to be catched by the cat.


A very fun game, where only a kite and a very long line were needed, flying is everyone's dream, and with this fun toy it was possible to be the pilot of your own kite, apart, who does not remember being hand burned with the string with strong currents of air.


Group game where a person counted to 10 while the others ran, once he turned he shouted frozen, and had to guess the number of steps it would take to get to the frozen ones, if he did he would win, if not, he was still the player.

Jump the rope or skips

A minimum of 3 people is required, two to work the rope and one to jump, usually chanting rhymes while jumping, and then there were different degrees of difficulty, such as using two ropes. or had 2 or more people jumping that rope, very tricky trying to jump in at just the right moment but so satisfying when you mastered it!

Duck goose

Everyone was sitting in a circle, and one person outside of it, played tapping the head of each person and said “Duck” along the way. Until the child said the word Goose, that child had to get up and run in the opposite direction to sit back in its place, before the other did.

Hop Scotch

Squares and circles drawn with sidewalk chalk that formed a plane and its wings were drawn on the floor and each box was put the numbers from 1 to 10, a stone or bean bag was thrown in the first number, and the person hopped in one foot, going back and forth while picking up the stone, If you touched a line with one foot or put your other foot down, you lose a turn, the one who completed the whole 10 number circuit without falling won.


With marbles there were several games that could be done, some just for fun and others where you could lose your collection, the first was hole, where you were looking for a hole in the concrete and each one had an opportunity to try put the marble in the well, when everyone finished there where the marble stayed you would try again, the other would draw a large circle on the floor, and each competitor left several of his marbles inside him, the person aimed to those marbles with his own and tried to knocked them out of the circle, he kept the loot, the first to get all the opponents marbles won those marbles and the ones that were still inside.

String phone

This more than a game is a science project, they were looking for two plastic cups or two aluminum cans and they made a hole thru them, where they tied a string(of the desired length) a person spoke through from one end, and the other listened to everything on the other (sound travels through waves)

Hide & seek

The classic game of hide & seek, two or more players were needed, counted out loud to a hundred with the eyes covered while all the others went hiding, once finished, they shouted, ready or not, here I go, and the search for the friend's hiding spots began.

Hula hula

It consists of giving the Hula hoop as many turns as possible starting at the hip, without falling to the floor.

Truth or Dare

The original game consists of forming a circle around a bottle, which when turning and stopping had two ends, the width that was the one that ordered, and the narrow one that was the one that answered or performed a challenge.

Pitch & toss

A very simple game, where a coin and a wall were occupied, each player threw the coin towards the wall, and whoever was closest to the mark, won all the coins.


A game of skill when trying to avoid being hit with the ball (soft plastic), the same that you took and tried to burn your opponent, the last one that took everyone out of the game without having been Burned wins.

Paper planes

Who does not remember having made paper Planes to play competitions to see which went further, or better still in those rainy days, make paper boats, to go out and see how far they sailed before sinking.

Simon Says

Simon's game says, one person was Simon and the rest had to follow orders, always starting the task or the challenge with the word Simon Says, whoever didn't would repeat the challenge again.

Rock paper or Scissors

Two players have a pair of hands and hours of fun, The game consists of Rock (closed hand) beats scissors (hand with two fingers in V) which beats Paper (palm completely open) and that in turn beats rocks.

There you have it, some games from the trunk of memories, were we missing any? We are sure that yes, but without a doubt, they developed our motor, social and other skills, hoping that they will last for more generations, and help other children to have fun as we did in our childhood.