Fall is Officially Here

September 23rd, 2019 marks the beginning of the Autumn season, which is also the start of cooler temperatures, and from here on, the nights are going to last longer and longer each day.

Most of the people think its a blue season since summer just ended, but on the other hand, many people get excited because Halloween is just around the corner, pumpkin pies, and even thanksgiving with all the food!

It is also host of an unparalleled event, that is called the equinox, where night and day are nearly the same lengths worldwide, this is because of the earth's rotational tilt, where each hemisphere spends six months facing the Sun, this, of course, happens twice over the year, the one we will be talking today, the Autumnal Equinox, and the one that we experienced 6 months ago, the spring equinox.

Since there are two hemispheres, the same equinox is called backward on the other end, the Northern one in September is the Autumnal or Fall, and at the Southern one, is known as Vernal or Spring, and vice versa, when it's in March. The start of it was at 2:50 am.

Some Traditions around the world

Tradiciones Culturales durante el equinoccio de Otoño

Remember how the farmers started planting their seeds back in March, well the September equinox marks the beginning of harvest all over the northern part.

Mexico - Off Course we have to talk about the Mayan tradition, the Snake of sunlight, that appears in Chichen Itza pyramid, as we have mentioned before, a unique spectacle that will impress you, as the Sun hit the staircase, it produces a shadow, and with the Serpent head on the base of it, will form a slithering serpent.

Greece - In ancient Greek mythology, it is believed that Persephone returns to the underworld with Hades her husband at fall, that's why the plants cant grow during winter.

Japan - there is a Buddhist celebration during both Equinoxes in Japan, called the Higan, which means Other shores, basically is the Journey that the spirits take to reach Nirvana, each time lasts six days. Also, graves are decorated and cleaned.

China - there is a unique celebration around the equinox, and the harvest moon, which celebrates the abundance of the harvests, by eating mooncakes.

India - there is a celebration of the Navarati, a festival that lasts a few days during autumn, honoring DEVI, which commemorates the first half of the Hindi month Ashvin.

El Equinoccio de Otoño

    Facts about Fall equinox

  • It's the second equinox of the year
  • Says goodbye to summer in the northern part, but welcomes spring in the southern one
  • It has a tight window of time to see the Sun cross the celestial equatorial line
  • On the bright side, it happens up to 3 days in a road
  • The date varies since the rotation of the Sun actually occurs every 365 days and ¼ of a year
  • Word comes from Latin composure of aequus that means equal, and nox means night
  • Moonrise is quicker, takes less than 50 minutes
  • The farther up north you are, the more probabilities you can see the Aurora Boreal
  • The Axis of the earth is tilted at an angle of 23.4° with relation to the ecliptic

Guess what, Fall in Cancun, and Cabo are different from other places, as we always have a bright and colorful sun, shining on our beautiful beaches.

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