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Spring Equinox at Chichen Itza

El Equinoccio de Primavera en el Templo del Sol Maya

Hello fellow readers, today, we have the honour to witness a unique phenomenon in the World, the Spring equinox, that opens the door to spring in the north hemisphere, for the everyday mortals like me, it means that the night and day have an exact duration in hours, but for the people who study astronomy, means that the sun reaches its peak point in regards to celestial Ecuador. Creating the cosmic image of our planet, as it was sliced in 2, half with light and the other half in darkness.

Different beliefs, go around this day, some people say that the recharge of energy, that's why they dress in white and do mass Yoga sessions, another is that the witchcraft renew their powers, and celebrate true chants, burning of medicinal herbs and more.

For the farmers, it means a new year to cultivate, and guides them in the process, of what to plant, and when to crop the same.

In México you can witness this phenomenon in several archeological sites, but by far the 3 more spectaculars are: Teotihuacán in Mexico city, as being the home of the Sun pyramid, Tajín in Veracruz & Chichen Itza because it has the kukulcán temple, where you can see how the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl) comes down the side of it.

Today, we will talk about the closest one to us at the Solaris Hotels in Cancun: Chichen Itza, which we have visited in several occasions, thanks to the services of our own travel agency Sol Ha.

Las Esculturas Mayas en las Piramides de Cancún

This year, the Equinox will be today March 20th, having its peak moment at 3:58 pm EST, and at the Kukulcán pyramid, is where we can see this peculiarity of light and shadows, that shows us, how the feathered serpent moves alongside the steps of the pyramid.

I admire the Mayans, as they were great mathematicians and astronomers, the same pyramid is an example of this, as its symmetrical sides, each has 91 steps to get to the top, plus the extra step to the temple, giving us a total of 365, same as our current calendar, it was based on the Mayan calendar that was 18 bodies, or months ( each one of 20 days long ) and the last 2 steps representing the 5 deadly days, on the base of the pyramid, you can see two great Serpent heads.

The legend tells, that this phenomenon was presented to the Mayan people, as the manifestation on Earth of Quetzalcoatl the God, and that he will speak true the High priest.

The show of Quetzalcoatl descending last about 5 hours, until the point you can fully see 7 isosceles triangles from the body, by refraction of the light on the staircase, and added to the head in the base, they form the serpent, that mysteriously aims to the Sacred Sinkhole Chenku.

From the central plaza, you can admire this spectacle, just please follow the following recommendations : we are not the only ones there, we will be seated next to thousands of people, lets utilize biodegradable sunblock lotion, and a cap (don't use any umbrella, remember other people want to enjoy the show too) When it actually happens, don't stand to take pictures ( there are people all around you) keep hydrated.

Fun facts:

El Calendario Maya en las ruinas mayas de Cancún

Once springs start, days are longer, every day the sun rises a bit earlier, and the sunset is later.

If you want to witness the slide of the feathered serpent, but don't like to be around too many people, you can come back up to 2 days later, at 430 pm, to see the effect take place. ( that is the last window to see it, before the Fall equinox )

I hope all the guest that are here with us this week, had the fortune to see such an event, and whos not here, start planning your next year's vacation, to see it.

What do you think? apart from being a complete hotel for the whole family, Club Solaris Cancún has additional excursions with a ray of cultural and learning that you can enjoy.

I leave you, as I have to get in place to see this singularity, We will wait for you soon again!

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