Emotions experienced from a trip

Traveling is the achievement of a goal or purpose at a particular time, has a set of emotions we often feel but overlook they are there, sometimes, It can be a small feat for the frequent traveler, but is a great deal for a First timer. Who might feel it scary or intimidating, but as always, the reward is just so good that surpasses the fear.

It All begins with planning a Trip, setting a Destination &, nights which will lead to a budget, that is very important, and it starts to build the:

Preparandonos para las vacaciones


Once you have the destination, you will feel a great enthusiasm, you already have a place in mind, because all the great things it has to offer, so now, you start looking for Airfare, and searching for a Resort, the hard task, as each one has their special spark, the planning is the second best part of the trip.

The butterflies in your stomach will start to get very real because you know your adventure is taking shape now, you will experience a new culture, meet people, and why not have an adventure, but that also leads to:


As the anticipation grows, you will research blogs, reviews, and start writing down things you want to do on this trip. As always, you can see positive words and a few negatives ones, but that's no reason to think, you made a wrong decision, au contraire, you can learn from mistakes others made, and make your trip better.

You have already your tickets, your resort confirmation, and can't wait for the day to arrive when you board the plane, your nerves start to plunder as your mind thinks many things at the same time, how you're leaving for a period of time, what will happen to your pets, whos going to water the plants, will the airplane be cold, and so on, beware, as this feeling will open up the door to:

Lingering doubt

Yes, when you start questioning your decision to travel, because of the expenses, the things in your environment, how are they going to function, how much work will you have when you get back and much more, will drive you crazy at night, don't worry, once you get to the airport, you will feel:

Divirtiendonos en el Hotel Solaris de Cancún

A sense of accomplishment

There is no stopping you, the trip is set in motion, and you know you will have the time of your life, this will bring new experiences, and make a change in yourself, by learning, gaining confidence, that if you put your mind to it, you can make it happen, it's just a matter of hard work and persistence.

You will feel amazed that you're on your way to your dream destination, with beautiful landscapes, water, beach and lots of food are on the way to find the:


The best feeling of all, the satisfaction and immense happiness of being at the place you spent several days or even months planning, It's all come true, you felt in love immediately with the site, the warmfull people greeting you, the stunning nature.

The Joy of sharing this with friends or family, and seeing the smile on their faces is priceless, one way or another you will fall in love with the trip, there is always something good to cherish, and having the time of your life, it will all be happiness and laughter on to a point that you will sense a


Yes, you will sense that this is how you were meant to spend your life, everybody knows your name, waves at you, even the omelet lady, remembers how you like your eggs in the morning, and it's been just a couple of days, imagine being here a month or always, this couldn't get better right ? you have a favorite spot to eat at, you know where the best coffee is served, and the list goes on until reality comes to full effect and the


Kicks in, yes, one more day left on your holiday vacations, lots of things done, still plenty of things to do, the feeling you're going to have to leave, its seems like time passed by too quickly, and the fun and comfort should last more, guess what your new friends also be back to their home state, sure, you will keep in touch, but it's not the same, your trip is up to be over and the:


Will take full effect, either for not having more days to travel, or because you're leaving your new friends behind, this is the worst of the feeling, since it may be a long period of time, when you could travel again, but remember, you've gained great memories for life, and the only thing that's left will be:


The acceptance that this was a well-deserved family vacation, and that you can live it over again in a few months, or even years, if you put your mind and heart into it, you will need to comply with the fact that not everyone can live the lifestyle of world travelers, there is not enough time or money to do so, remember don't let the:

El momento cuando no queremos terminar las vacaciones


Overrule you, you're back home, sleeping in your bed, unpacked everything, and looking back on the pictures from the trip, and this is something to be happy about, but can't help it, to feel the Post-vacation blues, just cherish the moments, and smile because they happen, anticipate for the next one, and show:


Because you had the time to make a great trip, alongside your loved ones, and that you were able to go outside your comfort zone, to make some incredible memories, and share some fantastic stories about your journey, and even better when sharing the insights of your trip, you'll encourage others to do so, therefore opening the door to:


To travel again alone or with your close friends and family as a group, that can share and adventure together, something that might make this new trip even better.

Traveling is a complete set of emotions, no one can run from, make sure you understand its a stage in the process, that eventually will have the positive result: of living the best moments, with people you care about, doing what maybe others can't; be grateful, you had another opportunity to do so at the place you will call your home away from home, until next time.

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