Ventura Park, the most fun in Cancún!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit Ventura Park with my family. The last time we visited the park; It was called "Wet and Wild" Back then.

We arrived during the morning to Ventura Park to get the most of the day; we rented a locker to leave our valuables and backpacks, then we went head into the fun.

I was surprised to see that what I knew as Wet & Wild was only a part of Ventura park! Seven areas called "Worlds" conform Ventura Park, where there are activities for all moods. From the dolphinarium to go-karts, without letting apart, of course, the water attractions!

ventura park

We started to walk around the park, and we began our journey in Aah-Ventura. We had the opportunity to try the zip lines above the park, and make jumps to the void in bungees. In the end, I discovered two new things: Frist, my balance is not very good and second, I'm a little bit afraid of heights. "Heli Jump" was quit defying, but it was really fun, I would totally try it again.

After the rush of emotions, my family was quite indulgent with me, and we went to the section called Amazonia. It is a zoo inside the amusement park, where we could see a boa of a deep emerald green that I had never seen before anywhere, utterly hypnotizing, a Gila monster among other animals of the region of Cancun, Mexico.

By the time we left the world "Amazonia", it was almost half a day, so we headed to the buffet included in the price of the admission at the "Sunrise" Restaurant. Fortunately we arrived at the restaurant by noon, as it got packed with people quickly and the queue to serve became very long. We managed to eat tuna salad, some pizza, and fresh water. When we left the restaurant, we went without hesitation to the water attractions.

ventura park cancun

There is not much to explain about the area called "Wet & Wild world" within Ventura park in Cancun, 8 action-packed attractions, and water a lot of water, is there a better combination? I love the slides and feel the adrenaline of being out of control while descending quickly to a dip in the shallow waters. I enjoyed as a kid all the water attractions, especially the kamikaze, Space Bowl and the waves pool.

After that, we went to the "Lazy river" it is very relaxing to be carried away by a gentle stream, which allowed us to relax, talk and make new friends along the ride.

After all the emotions at Wet and Wild, we headed to the Grand Prix. We had a fantastic race aboard a Go-Kart on track by the Caribbean sea. The track was complicated enough to make me think about the velocity I should take the curves but it was a very enjoyable competition, Despite the fact that I ended it at 4th place.

Close to the Grand Prix, is the Beach Club "Beach-Oh," Where we recover the energy loosed during the day and enjoyed a chat on top of luxury beds with a spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea. After a while, we decided to stroll the park to spend the afternoon and see what other activities we could do.

ventura park Cancún México

We found "UnderWorld" almost at the entrance of the park. We were surprised for not seen the attraction when we entered the park. I guess the thrill of getting into the adventure of the day made us overlooked it. We had so much fun with the High-Tech games they have in the underworld attraction. It has some virtual reality games, entirely immersive and impressive. Other games challenged our agility; The objective is to cross a room full of lasers to touch a button on the other side of the room without being detected.It is so much fun that you will leave with a big smile regardless if you win or lose the game.

By the time we realized it was almost 5:30 pm (it's the time that the park closes). It was a day full of emotions and fun. Time flew by. Although we did not want to, we had to say goodbye to this magnificent park, without a doubt I will have to return very soon.

When you come to Cancun, do not forget to share your videos and photos on our Club Solaris social media enjoying Ventura Park in Cancun!

What you should know before you go to Ventura Park:

  • Wear lightweight and comfortable clothing, comfortable shoes, hat or cap and dark glasses
  • Don't forget your bathing suit and sandals.
  • There are lockers available
  • There is free transportation to and from Ventura Park. I recommend you visit the official Ventura Park website to check the departures and arrivals map.
  • The pay of your admission includes the buffet a the Sunrise restaurant.
  • Ventura Park has seven other restaurants and bars with extra cost.
  • All alcoholic beverages have an additional cost.
  • Standby time is approximate 10-15 min.