The one and only travel glossary you will need

Hello and welcome once again to our Weekly blog, this time around I want to talk a bit more about travel (what a shock right) but not about the destination itself or how to travel, but more about what are the most common terms you're going hear during your travel, by the airline Employees, the resorts guest and even the lady that sell the craftsmanship, So let's start:

À la Carte: Yes, most of the people Now, that it's the luxury way to say: order from the Printed Menu (although in Solaris our menus are QR code now)

All-inclusive: Well, it's self-explanatory this, right? But there's more about it, All-inclusive is considered all the things covered in your basics needs, in this case: Lodging, Meals and Drinks, However Solaris always have a little extra that outstand us from the Rest, includes all the Daily and nightly entertainment, room service, and a personal concierge.

Add-On: Any change on a Scheduled reservation, like last-minute Airline reservation or Person in the room, is considered an Add-on.

Adjoining rooms: Do not confuse with Connecting rooms, The adjoining ones, are the ones that have their own entrance and are next to each other or across the hallway.

ETA: Estimated time of arrival, more than a Glossary; this is an acronym that Gives timeframe for Airplanes and for ground transportation to know when you are going to Get to your Solaris Resort.

PAX: It's a common abbreviation of the word passengers, no matter if they are Adults, kids or Babies.

HUB: When you hear the word HUB, it is usually when your flight has a Layover or connection in a Big City, which means that the main base for your airline is located there, and the re-route all the air traffic trough there.

Boarding Gate: Whenever you're at a big airport, the use of boarding gate is a must, that doesn't mean there is a gate, and you have to climb it, only indicates the number of room, where your airplane is going to park, and where you Should board Silly case, not all boarding gates are physical Rooms, sometimes they tell you to be in a place, and from there they take you to the actual gate.

Blackout date: You see this commonly written in a lot of places, whether the Airlines or the hotels, this means the Date you want o travel is already sold out, or overbooked (usually happens during holidays).

Bump: Another airline term, someone will think that is when they upgrade you from Couch to first class, but NO, its actually the opposite, when they sell more seats than the airplane has, the airline has the right to bump you to the next available flight (usually with a compensation — Hotel room, food or even first class).

Concierge: This is the term of the Hotel employee, who can always help you in need, he has the contacts and connections with everyone inside and outside the hotel to make it happen.

Layover: Whenever you need to make one or more stops in-route to your final destination and change the means of transport, it is called a layover.

Itinerary: Step by step schedule of events, detailing Times, places and people involved.

Low Season: When a vacation spot has the lowest number of guests on their premises, during the year, it is calculated with the school calendar, and non-holidays, the dates that interfere with that are usually the less crowded.

Minibar: Well, it's not like you have your own personal barman in your room, its just that you have the necessary things to have a nightcap, like a couple of beers, some alcohol (in the case of the member's rooms) and soft drinks.

No-Show: When someone runs late or doesn't do proper check-in at the airport or the hotel, it is called a No show unless you called before telling your running late, the reservation may be penalized.

TIX: Tickets, any type of Ticket, Airline, hotel, tours, or even ground vouchers.

Wheels up: A term used to say that everyone is in the vehicle (airplane or bus) and that you're ready to embark on your trip.

OTA: This is a more complicated one, As it's the acronym for Online Travel Agency, meaning all the Agencies that are not directly the hotel, and from which you could purchase a package to vacation. Note: As intermediaries, the rates, although they may seem cheaper, may actually hide charges or exclude items that the hotel includes to sell it to you separately, for example ground transportation to the resort.

There you have it a quick guide, so you are not estranged when someone mentions any of these words during your trip, and of course, you look like a travel expert when speaking the same lingo. See you real soon at your Home away from Home.