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8 Tips to stay Healthy on Vacations

Although in daily life you have an exercise routine, eat healthy and in general, have a healthy lifestyle, on vacation days this seems to be much more difficult and it might sounds better to put aside the fitness topic for a few days and return to the healthy routine when you get back home. But actually, to keep a healthy lifestyle on vacations is not as complicated as it sounds, you just need a little organization and if taking care of your health is something that you enjoy at home you can surely enjoy it anywhere you are. Also, following these 8 simple tips you will have more energy and happiness during your holidays.

To start the day well.

Nutritionists say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it is the first charge of energy for your body. If you eat some protein, such as eggs, you will feel more energetic than if you eat something heavy for your stomach with saturated fats and sugars. A fruit plate to finish will be perfect to start the day with joy. Another way to have a healthy morning in your vacation is to do some exercise. With this we do not mean to run a marathon every morning but if you look for an activity that helps us move the body, for example, a walk on the beach, yoga classes or a kayak ride. This are also activities that you will surely enjoy a lot and even if you are not doing the fitness routine of everyday you will be active and enjoying your vacation to the fullest.
If you are interested in going to one of the most beautiful beaches in Cabos to exercise, you should check out the following article Beaches with Blue Flag certification in Cabos

Breakfast at Solaris de Cancún México

Do not underestimate the sun.

Maybe it has happened to all of us that the first days of vacations at the beach we got sunburned so much with the sun that afterwards the whole body burns and we do not want to go out, not even to the balcony of the room, the last thing we want is to see the sun.So to avoid this, it is necessary to protect our skin from UV rays with a sunscreen. Remember that sun exposure is cumulative and its effects are irreversible. Covering your skin from the sun also prevent you from premature aging and skin damage. We recommend using an environmentally friendly sunblock, especially if you are going to spend the day in the sea.

Sunset at the Caribbean sea of Cancun

Healthy Snacks.

Healthy snacks. Sometimes there is not a healthy food option in the place where we are and we end up eating anything, so bringing with you a healthy snack is a very good idea, especially if you will go on a tour and you do not know what food options you'll find there, carrying a snack with you will avoid you from being hungry between meals or to have to eat the first thing you find on the way. Some options for a healthy snack could be almonds, cereal bars, nuts and fruit. Foods that provide fiber and energy to your body and are also easy to carry in the bag.

Healthy snacks in your cancun vacations

Exercise at the resort.

If you enjoy doing an exercise routine on a daily basis, we recommend you to check out the facilities of your resort before traveling. Many resorts have a gym. The Solaris Resorts in Cancun and Los Cabos, for example, have a complete gym with all the necessary equipment for your daily routine, as well as an incredible view. If you are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle you can surely keep doing some exercise during the holidays and jet having a great time. Remember that the muscles have memory and if you do not stop the routine, you will not have problems when getting back home, and in addition, you will feel good during your vacation, since exercise releases endorphins. You can exercise before going to dinner and when you go to bed you will rest much better.

GYM at the hotels to stay healthy while vacationing

Take a bottle of water with you anywhere.

Sometimes we forget the importance of drinking water on the daily hustle and bustle but it is very important for the well being of the body to be well hydrated. Especially if we are on the beach or some destination of high temperatures like Los Cabos. Being in an all inclusive resort you could forget to drink water since you have a lot of drinks to choose from. It is okay to drink juices or some cocktails during your vacations, but we recommend you not to forget to drink water. If you are on a tour or from one place to another you can order a bottle of water at the nearest bar and take it with you to the promenade.

Tomar agua en tus vacaciones en Solaris Cancún

Walk as much as you can.

This advice is quite simple to perform during vacations since some days you surely walk a lot. Besides being very good for your health, it is a good way to get to know a place. Whenever you can, walk to your destination, that way you could get to know the place better than if you go by car or public transport and you will also save a lot of money.
The Solaris Resorts in Cancun are located in the hotel zone, which is literally a long street that covers 26 kilometers. On one side you have space for bicycles or pedestrians, following that path you can reach nearby restaurants or water parks such as aquaworld which is 4 kilometers from the GR Solaris Cancun. A daily walk along the beach is also a good way to hang out and exercise. Of course, if you do it in the summer season by noon it will not be pleasant at all. We recommend you to do it after 6pm, so you can also enjoy a beautiful sunset while walking on the beach.

walking on the beach

Fight the Jet Lag.

The change of schedule affects the biological clock, so if you travel from a place with a different time, you will probably feel tired, irritable or have difficulty sleeping, so we recommend you to give the body a rest before starting activities. Also a good way to combat jet lag is to modify the sleep hours a few days before departure to help your body get used to the new schedule.

jet lag after traveling to cancun

Be always prepared.

When going on vacation, it is essential to carry a small first aid kit if necessary, with necessary items such as band-aids, dizziness pills and mosquito repellent, especially if you are traveling to Cancun. Of course, Solaris Resorts have a nursing area with doctors available if necessary, but it is always good to take a small kit to tours or trips outside the hotel.

be aware of accidents and have someting at hand for first aid

The holidays are that time of the year to relax, have a good time without worries, recover energy to return to daily life with more encouragement and, of course, to create the best memories. These simple but efficient tips will help you feel more energized during these days and enjoy the well being of your body and mind free of stress. In addition to body care, it is important to keep your mind calm, for it, in the Solaris Resorts you will find endless pleasant spaces to read a good book, listen to music or just stay silent and meditate for a while, away from the hustle and bustle of the day to day. If you travel to Royal Solaris GR Caribe and you are interested in knowing the most beautiful relaxation spaces, we invite you to read the following article The Best place to relax in Cancun.

In each of the Solaris Resorts you will find daily sports activities, relaxation spaces such as the spa where you can enjoy a tissue restorative massage and also different specialty restaurants, a la carte and Buffet style with healthy food throughout the day. In your home away from home you can enjoy a few days of total well-being. We are waiting for you!

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