Tips to Prevent COVID-19 when you are at the Airport

Countries have begun to open their doors to travelers and even though the news continues to inform us about possible COVID-19 infections, there are many measures to prevent it.

In the previous blog we talked about how to have the perfect suitcase approved by COVID-19 ... It is time to continue traveling and I remind you not to forget your mask and go to the airport ... And this is where a possible question arises ... If I already disinfected my suitcase, how Can I stay protected on my way or at the airport?

When we leave our houses we are exposed to different circumstances, especially if our form of transportation is a public or crowded means. But don't worry, here we have some simple tips.

For people who go to the airport by private transport. It is advisable not to go out without a mask, either disposable or reusable and washable; which also gives you more protection and helps to take care of the environment (if you prefer you can use a plastic mask as extra protection). Wearing latex glasses or gloves is also another way to keep yourself protected.

Now, once inside the car, you can sit in the back, leaving the passenger space free; thus you will also have taken the necessary distance, during your journey.

If on the contrary; you use public transport, don't panic ... You can take the necessary measures in your personal protection. Also, if you wish, you can take advantage of the spaces marked with the appropriate distance to settle in a place; Also, I highly recommend going to the airport a long time in advance, since you do not know if in order to occupy a space with the healthy distance, you will have to wait a little time.

As an extra point at this time, I recommend you take antibacterial gel or a pocket sanitizer spray with which you can disinfect the handles of your suitcase once you have arrived at the airport ... And even if you are hot on the way ... Do not take off your mouth mask .

Flying to our dreams

Arriving to the airport

Each government will have established the necessary measures so that travelers can feel safe at airports ... But at this point I would like to remind you of some previous points before your trip begins.

-Inform you about the post-COVID-19 situation the destination is in and make sure that it is a destination approved by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC); In short, I can recommend Los Cabos or Cancun; that through this advice means that the place complies with all the safety and hygiene measures necessary for the well-being of travelers.

* In the event that you travel to Mexico, an online questionnaire is being requested to fill out, which you can fill out on your phone and thus avoid lines at the health checkpoints located at airports.

-Review the requirements of the country you are traveling to and remind yourself that if any vaccination is necessary, do it… I really hope your trip is great, but it is better if you are forewarned.

-I hope you have not forgotten your travel insurance, you can receive different aids depending on the situation you are in ... Believe me ... Sometimes even for a stomach ache, it is important to receive care so that you continue enjoying your trip.

-Take some medications with you that can help you in case of a minor discomfort, such as flu or antidiarrheals, do not forget that delicious food sometimes has many condiments...

With that list, you will already have what it takes to be an equipped traveler approves of everything. At the airport, all that remains is to follow to the letter all the necessary directions to travel while respecting the space of others. Remember that avoiding tension also helps the immune system, so you can take advantage and have a good hot tea that helps you relax and is good for your body.

Once you arrive at your destination, when you leave the airport, you can disinfect your suitcase with gel or pocket sanitizer and I recommend that you remove the gloves you used at the beginning of your trip when you arrive at Royal Solaris and have the opportunity to wash your hands or take a hot shower; Besides being relaxing, it helps you to clean your body of the particles that you trapped outside.

Without more for the moment, another aspect that you should not forget, it is important to keep in touch with your loved ones, sending them photos and reminding them that everything is fine and that you will take them for a walk with the photographs you take.

And don't be afraid of the situation; It is important to constantly remember the security measures and adapt to the new modalities, but that does not limit us to enjoy our trip.