The Perfect Luggage for a Holiday post COVID-19

We have all spent a lot of time at home since quarantine and it is predictable that as soon as we can the only thing we want to do is take our suitcases, swimsuit, sunscreen and go where the wind takes us. But to all this, what would be essential for a perfect vacation? in addition to health, obviously.

In this series of blogs we will break it down little by little, but let's start with the most important ... THE BAGGAGE ... It is very common that we want to take the house out of the window and take us to our dog's massage bed ... Or maybe just many changes of clothing ... However, we are faced with the question of How to take advantage of the kilos of luggage that airlines give me? How to make a safe suitcase for a post COVID-19 trip? ... In this blog, we will show you how.

Before starting with the tips to take what you want in the suitcase, it is important to remind yourself of the safety and hygiene measures that you can cover before traveling.

1). In addition to dusting your suitcase, you can wash it with soap and water, completely carving it for about 15 minutes or disinfecting it with anti-bacterial gel on the inside, outside and handles (about 15 seconds on each side).

2). Although it seems obvious; Make sure that most of your clothes are clean, especially if any of them had contact with the outside. I recommend putting your previously disinfected shoes in a plastic bag to prevent any trash or bugs from roaming around.

3). Once you pack you can add a sanitizing spray before closing your suitcase ... Done!

Packing Our Dreams

Now, itcoming la major part of this blog, consider that regardless of the airline or whether it is a national or international journey ... The average luggage is between 20 and 25 kg so one of the most fundamental aspects is knowing the climate of the place you want to travel to find out if most of the things you take will be useful.

We will start with the most general and we will go to perhaps more specific parts; So let's make a list of what is necessary, using as an example a warm destination such as Los Cabos or Cancun.

-Underwear proportional to the days you leave; Which you can also wash in the bathtub or in the sink to take more advantage of your changes clothes. If it is a large quantity of clothes, you can take advantage of the hotel laundry.

-Beaches, also proportional to the time you leave.

-Pants can be maybe 2 or 3 ... Long ago, the owners of a brand of denim pants commented that the products were designed to last approximately 1 week, so one pair is enough during the holidays ... You can also complement with another type of garments such as shorts, dresses, etc ... They will be a good option.

-Comfortable shoes and sandals.

--Medicines, especially if they are necessary for you. I wish your trip could be pleasant and spectacular, but it is better to be safe than sorry. By the way, don't forget your prescriptions in case you need them.

-Personal hygiene items, including a good antibacterial gel and your face mask so you can access somewhat crowded places such as supermarkets or the hotel itself.

-Wires or electronic items you need.

In my travel experience, sometimes at airports they ask you to take out your electronic items to pass your luggage through the security band ... So I recommend that they go in your hand luggage, it is easier and safer to take them out and accommodate them .

As an extra recommendation ... You will always want to buy something in the destination you go to ... So I recommend being very selective to know what items from your home you want to take and when you return you do not have to pay extra luggage for the things you bought on your trip … By the way, don't forget to spray a little sanitizer on new items.

Another of the questions that arise is knowing how to pack the suitcase perfectly, so we will give you some recommendations.

1). Accommodate everything you want to take next to your suitcase, thus ready to pack it, but stop for a second to observe ... This way you will know if you need something or you can remove some things.

2). Carry only what will be useful on your trip ... So when your luggage is weighed you will avoid the pain of opening it in the middle of the line to take out and leave things or hang all your changes of clothes so that they do not charge you the extra weight.

3). Use bags to group your items, this will allow you to have more order in your suitcase, take advantage of space and if you have to take something out for an emergency; This way you will streamline times and spaces.

4). Depending on where you are going ... There may be variations in what you are allowed to carry ... But in these cases you can make the most of one of your items ... A jacket or coat with many bags, where you can put small but heavy items.

5). It seems obvious, but I recommend carrying your containers with liquids in resealable bags, thus preventing them from spilling inside.

6). It has a small multi-contact connection or portable batteries ... So you can have your phone or camera ready to take pictures and share them with your loved ones.

7). Finally, one of the simplest and most useful tips, travel with your heaviest garments, so you will also take advantage of the weight and space of your luggage.

Another important point is to recognize that suitcases are our best allies, in addition to travel insurance, which in addition to protecting you on health issues; They are also a safeguard in case of loss or theft of luggage.

All these points are useful when starting and finishing a trip, including personal hygiene measures so you can be sure and enjoy it to the fullest.