How is like to be a Local tourist in Cabo?

In Los Cabos, there are countless things you can do, and you can discover some here!

The front beach of the Hotel of the Solaris Family in Los Cabos

Cabo is one of the most visited destinations in all of Mexico, this is because it has beautiful landscapes, warm weather, unique culture and because it is a place where the whole family can have fun.

Today I invite you to join me in this blog, where I will tell you things that maybe you did not know, what you can do, places you should visit, and so on, all this when I live as a tourist in my own city.

When I first arrived to los Cabos, I loved the mixture of arid climate with the views on the beach, first thing in the morning you feel the sea breeze, and in the afternoons the heat appropriates the day, this is more noticeable when you spend awhile near the sea in the mornings.

That's why if you stay near the sea, (which is normal for you since you've probably stayed at the Solaris resorts before) I recommend you get up a little earlier than usual and spend time on the shore contemplating a beautiful sunrise, while the waves break the ocean.

In the same way you can walk along the coast, it is a perfect exercise, since the coast of Los Cabos, has more than 3 miles, and is connected so you can walk all the coastal zone, so if you want to exercise and see a beautiful landscape, this is something that you must take into consideration.

Restaurants at Downtown in San Jose del Cabo

But if you are more interested in going out and cycling, in the hotel zone, we have a bike path, which extends from the beginning of the hotel zone to the Mexican Commercial (COMER) or 'La Mega' as many of you they say here.

At the time I decided to go to the most visited places in Los Cabos. I went to Downtown San Jose del Cabo on Tuesday, because on this day in the afternoon you have the Art Walk. where I was able to see the different restaurants that are in this area, from sushi places to seafood, bars, and even traditional taquerias. The latter being the a tested meal by tourists and this is not because they are bad, but because it is prevalent for those who come on vacation do not like to leave their everyday food, so it is usual for them to keep eating what they eat. Same as what they consumed back homes.

I recommend you to try real traditional or more 'common' food in your destination, in Los Cabos. It is true that there are different restaurants for tourists and locals, that's why something you can do is go to one of later, and experience the real and unique Mexican cuisine because there is nothing better than trying homemade tacos. When you can see how they cook the tortillas and puts the stews and compliment with and exquisite salsa, obviously all made in front of you.

When the afternoon arrived, after having for some tacos, I walk back to Downtown for the Art Walk, a prime event in San Jose, where many painters, sculptors, musicians and artists, present their works. Just like if you decide to take a walk, It is more than sure you can meet the traditional dancers of the region, who present dances from pre-Hispanic times for all to know.

This dance is performed by the dancers of the show Wirikuta, a show where they present fragments of traditions, history, dances and other of the different cultures that were in the old Baja California Sur.

The Artwalk of Los Cabos

You can also meet the most well-known and loved artists of Mexico, the Mariachis, who usually reach for the restaurants, since they typically harmonize the dinners that they have, just as they are very requested to play on special occasions.

And if you like Art like me, do not hesitate to dive into the galleries that are all around the zone, commonly called the Art District, since most of them are still open during the night,, so you can see the work from national and international artists.

In my point of view, there is nothing better after eating the real Mexican food, that walk while appreciating the Art to clear your stomach, in the same way, if you stay at Club Solaris Cabos, it is straightforward for you to come back. This is possible since Downtown San Jose del Cabo is less than 10 minutes away, so there is no Excuse to visit , as the zone is pretty safe.

After this, I decided to go to back to Cabo San Lucas, with multiple options I choosed a Taxi as means of transportation, to get to it quickly and safely, Cabo San Lucas is the the perfect place to enjoy the nightlife, with clubs, bars, restaurants and an endless number of stores and shopping malls, that offer me a wide variety in comparison with San Jose which is more traditional. Upon arrival, the first thing you come across is the shops of Puerto paraíso, where you can find the ideal souvenir to take to your family or friends who could not come.

Also being this my favorite place, since there is a Cinema, so if you have small children or you love the movies, I can assure you that you will also like it, and if you are lucky you can visit the Cabos Film Festival dates, since, in this cinema, special presentations with famous guests take place. And i tell you this by having experience it, 3 years in a row, and seeing International Artists and directors.

The Nightlife in Cabo San Lucas

But if yours is more the dance, this destination offers you a wide variety of clubs Two of the well known are Squid Roe & Cabo Wabo, with music at full volume, party that never ends, the perfect place if what you want to do is spend a night having fun like never before.

But if you like me, you would want to spend a night listening to live music of your favorite genre, you can also find popular bars with Rock & Roll, Blues or simply Rock so that you can spend a pleasant night while listening to the classics, or just the music that you like.

All this you can have in a single day in this destination of Los Cabos, and you can repeat it or do many different things.

Something I never get tired of doing, is the many tours you have to go out with family and friends, in Cabo San Lucas you can rent a boat or join a trip where you can visit the famous Arch, go snorkeling or even go to see the whales.

But if you are looking for something like adventure and adrenaline, you will surely love going out on ATV bikes or even jumping on zip lines on the other tours you have, or maybe like me, you like to learn more about culture and traditions. If that's the case you can go to Todos Santos, it would be an excellent option since there you can see and know more about Traditional Mexico.

And you remember what I had mentioned about walking on the beach in the morning, what would you say if I told you that the Los Cabos Destination has more than 19 beaches with Blue Flag certification. This means not only that you can walk around the coast, if not that you can swim and have fun with the tranquility that the water and the beach are 100% safe and clean to enjoy.

Without a doubt, Los Cabos is a destination that has everything so that everyone can relax, have fun, excite and even celebrate.

The Arch of Los Cabos

That is why if you decide to visit Los Cabos, I can tell you in summary what I have learned that this destination has to offer you is:

  • Take the time to appreciate the landscapes, they are so beautiful that a walk along the beach is never enough.
  • Visit the places that locals visit, you may be pleasantly surprised if you leave a bit of your comfort zone which will help you discover new things.
  • Art is for everyone, even if it is a sculpture or painting, it will surely help you to understand a little more about a culture different from yours.
  • The simple things like going to a movie theater in a completely different destination can be as fun or much more like doing it in your home.
  • Partying in Los Cabos never ends
  • In Los Cabos you can dance until you get tired or listen to music until dawn.
  • There are always things to do in Los Cabos, i am still discovering them
  • If I had one margarita for each Blue Flag Beach in Los Cabos I would have a big problem on my hands.
  • Los Cabos is a destination for the whole Family
  • Have fun and do not be afraid to try new things, the most important thing to go on vacation is to get out of the routine and live new experiences

The only thing that is needed , is that you can also come and experience it , and tell us about how you spent your vacations in Los Cabos, and what else you did during your visit, come and visit Los Cabos!