Christmas arrived to the Solaris Family

The Holidays begin with the Solaris Family

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The family gathers, friends, acquaintances, and companions celebrate together, all thanks to the Christmas spirit that December brings, not to mention the delicious food that is prepared on these dates, without a doubt it is an incredible month.

And as expected at the Solaris Resorts, we are part of this celebration, with music, punch, dance, and much more! All the Members and Guests have fun on these select dates with everything we have prepared for them.

The Christmas season begins on Solaris

November 30 and December 1 were special at Royal Solaris Cancun and Los Cabos, since what began like any other day, ended with a party of joy and enthusiasm for children and adults.

In all our locations in the morning, we had the visit of elves who walked through the different restaurants, a preamble to the arrival of Santa Claus who would light our traditional Christmas tree.

Santa Claus arrives to the Solaris Family in Los Cabos

When the afternoon arrived, everyone was invited to go to the Lobby, where they were welcomed with decorated christmas cookies, and also some hot cocoa and coffee so that everyone could enjoy and feel at home,the whole ambiance of a warm Christmas.

At 5 o'clock in the afternoon, all approached the center, where there was a Christmas tree more than 5 feet high, which was beautifully decorated, thanks to the Housekeeping team who put all the traditional ornaments and brought the real Christmas spirit, spheres, lights and more, to decorate the Christmas tree.

The countdown was made to light the Christmas tree, 3..2..1 .. Christmas is coming. Lighting the night and marking the start of the Christmas season at the Solaris Hotels, shortly after, the Grinch himself went to see this party of music and color, who along with our entertainment team presented a dance performance with the carols of the season, for the amusement of all those present.

What does the Christmas Tree represent?

The Christmas tree is an adaptation of the tree of life or tree of the universe. This tree was used to celebrate the birth of the sun god and fertility, traditionally adorned with apples representing the temptations and candles that symbolized the light of the world and divine grace. It was later replaced by the pine that is the symbol of eternal life. Also, its triangle shape that could represent the Holy Trinity.

Another Tradition of the modern era is to put Christmas gifts at the foot of the tree for children, as it symbolizes that all goods come from the tree.

The Christmas Season begins with the Solaris Family

Ornaments in the modern days

  • The Bells: Used as table decorations and/or windows to guide the way to the house of loved ones.
  • The Angels: Who represent the messengers between heaven and earth, symbolize love, kindness, and mercy.
  • The Stars: Symbolize hope and light to achieve a better life. It is also associated with the spirit of celebration and with grand illusions.
  • Ribbons: Represent the union of families and loved ones around gifts that you want to give and receive.
  • Lights: Sails were used previously, representing the light of Christ. E have used to ward off evil spirits, today symbolize they are a regular part of the decoration of any home and its goal is to create a warm and welcoming..
  • Spheres
    - Blue: The Ball ornaments are related to the reconciliation prayers.
    - Silver: its brightness connects with the prayers of gratitude, both for a circumstance and for someone
    - Gold: means praise.
    - Red: The color per excellence of Christmas, its meaning is that of the requests.
  • Mistletoe: Considered as the plant of love, to have good luck and lots of love throughout the year.
  • Red Apples: The red Apples present abundance in love, health, and money.
  • Poinsettia: Also known as The Flower of Easter or Christmas, has its origin in Central America and is considered a plant that provides happiness and love.
The Christmas Tree of GR Caribe

All these are reasons to celebrate and be part of Christmas. It is the time to share family traditions and emphasize the importance of giving and receiving love, and enjoy the little things in life, all this becomes the best gift to offer your loved ones.

In the Kids Club, adults and children had the opportunity to participate in the craft classes, where they could make their own Christmas hats, with the help of the kids club employees, who helped, along with the parents, the youngest ones so that they could also be part of this celebration. And throughout the month they will continue doing more activities, to spread the Christmas spirit.

Also at the pool, we will have special appearances by Santa Clos, Pancho, Santa's little helper, and many activities for the whole family. Follow our social networks to see everything we have planned for this season.

There is still time for you to come and enjoy this Christmas in paradise, with fun all month, including the traditional Christmas Dinner on December 24th. Do not miss the opportunity to visit us and spend an unparalleled Christmas at the Solaris Resorts.

We'll be waiting for you in "Your Home from Home!"