Planning, Sharing and imagining for the Future

It's almost time to resume our regular activities, slowly the World is going to be activating itself, Europe is opening its borders and ending the Quarantine currently, and in no time America will do the same, this is the best time to start thinking about the Future, and all the things we were privy to do.

There will always be time to make future Plans, and recoup new experiences with loved ones.

Ok, so now you're ready to get out the confinement and travel, Everybody is! but only the real Travel Experts will know when is the best time to do so.

They will be planning the perfect Dates, the right destination, and make sure all goes according to their schedules, but there's a minor detail, that you don't need to forget or Overlook, travel will change in the Face of Covid19, do some research, on how this will impact the waiting times at Airports, what security measurements the airline will take, and of course, which ones will be taken at Club Solaris Cancun or Cabo so you can plan your itinerary accordingly.

Some steps you need to starts seeing will be

Step 1: Decide where and how to go (Cancun or Cabo).

Step 2: Pick a time to travel (summer or Fall).

Step 3: Take time off of work (make sure to work at least a couple of weeks, before asking for Vacations ).

Step 4: Find affordable flights (Airlines are currently working on Travel deals to your favorite destinations).

Step 5: Find a good place to stay(Club Solaris, is there a doubt ?).

Step 6: Call your credit card companies.

Step 7: Budget consciously for the trip.

Time to Share your experiences with others, because Sharing is Caring.

Sharing Does not always mean to do it with something physical or tangible is also a gesture that can enlighten someone else, with Experiences or Travel

Things that Don't cost anything to share :


Yes there is always a great tale of an adventure to tell, to loved ones or even close friends, sharing this can always make someone else analyze a situation or a subject that you already lived.


Good or bad, and experience will always leave us with some knowledge, and if you can share that knowledge with your Kin, that will make them wiser when making decisions.


There is always a word of Advise that can be taught to any human being, we often give advice in form of Quotes for example: A penny saved is a penny earned


Best thing in the World ! Define if not, a Smile shared even with a stranger can make their day, or the other way around, Be confident in yourself and practice more sharing smiles.


Yes, whenever we post online pictures of ourselves, landscapes, our vacations or the food, we share with the world and our close friends things that make us happy. Make sure you Tag us at all your pics #clubsolaris

There will always be time to Imagine all the beautiful moments you have lived in the past and will experience in the future.

The imagination can run wild with everyone doing the self inducted enclosure, But what they imagine will depend much on what their age and gender is, there is no exact formula to this, but we are pretty sure we narrow it down.

Kids age 5-12

Boys - Superheroes, Being Batman, superman, Iron man and Captain america, imagining wild adventures in a planet like fortnite.

Girls - Castles, princesses and Rainbows, what else did you think they could imagine, girls are the sweetest,and they see everything with love, no violence or Saving the world like boys do.

Teens age 13 -21

Girls - Sorry mom and dad, but girls think about boys, about the one they like and would love to date, Makeup, yes, they also imagine buying a lot of makeup.

Boys - They're mind is always in video games, even if they are not playing them, they imagine how they can beat a level and be better than their friends.

Grown ups age 22 -34

Men - They imagine themselves with a Big mansion and Fancy cars when they Grow up, and earn more money

Woman - They Imagine their kids and their home, if they don't have one yet, Their happy place is and will always be the Family core.

Middle age 35-49

Females - Empowerment is all they imagine, Hardworking self dependent women, conquering the world and to live their best life

Males - Traveling is their main objective, and discovering the world tru imagination is a good thing to do, at least in the meantime they do it physically.

Seniors age 50 and up

Papa - A world with peace, inner and outer one, a place to relax and remember all the good things life has to offer.

Nana - They imagine a place with tranquility, a house outside of the city, maybe a Farm, where they can see their grandchildren play all day long, and they can cook all their favorite snacks.

Bottom line this is the perfect time to reflect! An awakening of sorts, because that's what this is,a time to reconnect with yourself and reevaluate your purpose! We've had almost 2 months, and we have focused on what matters the most to us, begin to imagine and plan for the future , plant the seeds for it and share it with the people you care about, Find your purpose and live your life the way you were meant to live it! See you soon at Your home away from home!