"New Normal" Vacations

Whether you need them or not, the holidays are for fun and rest; although we live in the "new normal," it does not mean that the excitement is over. It is just one more opportunity to have new experiences.

I will give you a series of tips to enjoy and protect yourself on your next vacation to the fullest, regardless of the destination you choose.

Do you remember those days before your trip? You reviewed all the destinations before choosing one; later, you just bought the plane tickets; and booked your favorite Hotel that makes you feel at home even though it is far from home. It is a vast emotion! According to some studies, it has shown that vacationers are happier waiting for an experience than after living it (can you believe it?).

Nowadays, it would seem even more challenging to enjoy the holidays despite having made all the possible maneuvers and becoming a best friend of the mask and antibacterial gel. How can you enjoy the trip and have unforgettable memories?

Hakuna Matata

The first advice is: Permit yourself to be happy. Do not forget that it is something that you have previously chosen and worked, circumstances are not a barrier to living experiences to the fullest.

To give you peace of mind, remember that in the hotels and Club Solaris, of course, you can find many security measures to prevent COVID-19, such as posters with hygiene specifications. Upon arrival, you will have to pass through a disinfectant capsule; your shoes will be cleaned, as well as your suitcases. I'll tell you that there will be some glasses that will allow you to have a healthy distance .So. Enjoy!

Tips for your Holidays

1.- Wake up early so you can do some exercise and have a good breakfast, which will help raise your defenses or wake up and watch the sunrise, which will make your day different and enjoyable.

2.- If the weather were to change abruptly during your vacation, do not see it as something that ruins your plans. It is an opportunity to enjoy the unexpected (remember to take vitamin C for your defenses).

3.- Make activity schedules; this will allow you to organize your days and have more fun. Doing this will give you the chance to know more places, and do more activities without wasting time thinking"...well, what should do I do now?" Depending on what you like or suit you best. Tip: There are places where you can find deals and even free things depending on the day of the week.

4.- Always have your anti-COVID-19 equipment ready (if you don't have one, Club Solaris will give you one on your arrival), now it is time to go for a walk. The first few days of your vacation, focus on exploring and finding new places. Wander and get involved in the local culture. Once you have known the different corners of your destination, you can afford to repeat it. Just like when you try a new candy, and you like it.

5.- When you're traveling, take a lot of photos and short videos; that you could watch after a long time and have lovely memories about it that you can instantly share with your loved ones.

If your choice is to stay in your Hotel, do not worry; it is an excellent option to enjoy your vacation, surrounded by your loved ones, sunning yourself in front of the sea, and eating in different restaurants.

After having a fantastic vacation, I remind you to repeat the processes of packing your suitcase with your clean clothes, disinfect or wash it and spray a little sanitizer on it.

When you transfer to the airport, don't forget to wear your protective armor (face masks and gel disinfectant) to help transportation companies prevent infections.

Being at home, the best thing you can do is talk about your vacation; It will help you remember them better and retain the feeling of happiness.

Do not let the weight of a suitcase limit the adventures. That includes whether it is full of disinfectant or not; vacation adventures are always closer than we think. Dare! Well, there is no set date or time for the holidays; there are simply places that make us make sense of life and immerse ourselves in new adventure.