How to protect yourself from COVID-19 on your destination?

Cancún and Cabo have the Safe Travel seal by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) but is important to be extra careful to prevent the spread of COVID-19. You have started your journey cleaning your suitcase; taking precautions in transportation and at the airport… Now you are at your desired holiday destination! So once you leave the airport, all you have to do is follow the same recommendations as when you started your trip.

How to protect ourselves and enjoy at the same time? Before you get scared or disappointed, in this blog you will learn techniques to enjoy your trip to the fullest, without neglecting your health.

Once you leave the airport it is important that you keep all your protection on, although the transportation companies and the Club Solaris transportion service comply with all the necessary hygiene measures, your personal protection will allow you to have a better peace of mind.

At the end of your journey, when you arrive at your Solaris Resort, you can take a shower and put all of your travel clothes in a bag, and sent them to the laundry room (if you want you can spray some sanitizing spray around the bag); Don't worry about your suitcase, upon arrival, our bellboys will help disinfect your suitcase on the exterior; In addition to that there will be spaces in which you can clean your shoes before entering.

The Trail We Blaze!

You can be confident that our facilities and our staff comply with all the necessary hygiene standards; receptionists, waiters, maids, bell boys, concierge; among others, they are equipped with gloves, face masks and plastic shields. All areas are disinfected with the necessary chemicals and ozone daily. We care about giving you a calm and healthy environment for your well-being.

If you feel the need to leave the hotel; we recommend that you take your mask with you (yes, in these times, the mask is your best friend); currently with the new normality, each place must have the necessary standards of cleanliness and some places Requiere the use of the face mask in order to be able to access. The beaches are open, the restaurants and the bars, everything has a schedule and a maximum capacity that will help you enjoy peacefully, which is why we recommend you book restaurants in advance, both in the hotel and at the restaurants and bars in the city.

Now, if all you want is to be on the beach all day, I remind you that Los Cabos and Cancún have beaches with BLUE FLAG certification and recently 5 beaches in Los Cabos have Platinum Certification, which indicates that they guarantee cleaning, infrastructure and everything necessary for its use and enjoyment. These beaches are: Santa María, Las Viudas, Chileno, Palmilla and Acapulquito. Soon we will give you more information about this great award.

Another best friend at this time, is the antibacterial gel, you can carry it in your pockets in case you want to complement your hygiene after washing your hands or if there is no soap or waternear your loungebed at the beach.

Also, you should not forget another primary rule: Social distance, despite the fact that in the different places there will be marks, so that all people keep a necessary space of distance, at this point more than anything I would like to recommend patiente. All processes may take a little longer to complete, but remember that precautions and a relaxed point of view will allow you to better enjoy the place.

In the following blog I will give you some recommendations to enjoy your trip to the fullest, because although it is inevitable to get carried away by the excitement of traveling, remember to take a few minutes to take a general look at the city and then later enjoy the places that make you feel at peace, By the way, don't forget that if you have a favorite place, visit it first, so you can visit the other places with a smile.