The Secrets of GR Solaris

Hello there, and welcome back, today we want to share with you what our guests have vouched for, and the insight of being at the GR Solaris Cancun, some even Kept a secret from others to avoid letting the Cat out of the hat, so let’s start:

Best entertainment team.

If you have stayed for a couple of days in our hotel, You might now that these guys work on maximum power every day, all day (and sometimes even in the nights), but here is the Secret, you know why? that’s because they actually LOVE their job, Rain, shine, or it’s windy, they always are there with a big smile on their face ( even tho you won’t see it, due to the Facemask now) they are do-it-all people, they sing, dance, tell jokes, and fool around

Panoramic rooms are the best of both worlds.

Sometimes when you travel on vacations, what you careless on your vacation is the room, As you’re barely in there- only when you go to sleep, but let me tell you something, the biggest, most beautiful rooms in the entire building are Called panoramic Views, there’s only 7 in total (1 per floor) and have the advantage of an oceanfront Balcony, and a Side View window overlooking the pool, this Way you can wake up each morning with a cup of coffee admiring the sunrise. You can also walk a couple of steps to see if your favorite lounge chair is still available.

There is a Golf Cart service.

You don’t need to walk the hill to get back to the hotel if you went outside for a Tour or to buy some craftsmanship to the local market, down by the Security checkpoint there is a ringer, that advises the bellboys, someone needs a ride, they will gladly bring the Golf cart and give you a lift so that you can avoid a splinter or a calf sprain, the hill is Steep.

There is a lighted Tennis court.

Yes, We know we advertise the tennis court as part of the facilities available for your use. Still, since it’s a bit hidden and in the front part of the hotel, not many people make use of it or know that there are lights installed for you to use them at night to avoid the scolding heat of the day.

Private Movie Theater

The Solaris cinema may be considered a hidden gem because it’s not easy to find. When walking the hallway from the elevators to the stairs that go down to Cafe Solaris, there is a door next to the hospitality desk; there you will find a private room with 25 comfortable seats- right now Capacity is limited to only ten people at the same time, you can see the showcased movie of the day or browns to the library and pick a different one.

Rock climbing for kids

Within the lesser-known activities for kids, we have a wall for all those who love to climb things, it's only 10 feet high. There is always someone there from the Sports and entertainment department, helping out and watching over them. Security is a priority, Helmets, and ropes will be provided to perform this activity.

There are probably a few more secrets here and there that you might have gathered by personal experience or by word of mouth, let us know, what are your favorites, or is it a secret that you don’t want anybody to know? Thank you, and we will see you soon enough to keep making lifetime memories.