Super Bowl LIII broadcast by Solaris

The Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event year after year worldwide and is the prize to the champions of each football league in the United States, the AFC and the NFC, on this occasion the issue # 53 was disputed. New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia, Everything that surrounds is spectacular, since it influences sporting, marketing and entertainment aspects to the host city.

Half-time shows - In the Super Bowl last 30 min . This year the artist was the Pop Rock Band, Maroon 5. who incredibly donated his salary of $ 500,000 to a charity: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America .

super bowl club solaris Cancún

The Super Bowl experience in Cancún

Hours before the live broadcast we were already celebrating the start of this Super Bowl 53 with lots of activities like a football trivia, stretching with half-time songs in the pool, the longest yard in the beach game and an exciting cheerleading show with our animation team. As well as a pre-match training and a live rock band at the Royal Solaris pool! In addition, a delicious barbecue next to the pool to accompany the celebration.

super bowl solaris

The children also enjoyed this day at the mini club with different games and activities, they decorated hands to support their favorite team, they made ball passes, flag decorations and had a water balloon warfare, they had a great time!

Economic impact to the host city - The week before the game, people from all over the world come to enjoy the tourist spots, staying in hotels, or renting houses, consuming food and drinks the approx income is between 300 and 400 million dollars.

super bowl solaris cabos

The Super Bowl experience in Los Cabos

It was an atmosphere of celebration and competition throughout the day, where guests and even the staff joined, to choose their favorite team to win this important event. Throughout the day guests and staff could be seen wearing t-shirts from the super bowl, as well as t-shirts from the team they supported.

Pancho parade: Pancho Solaris and his friends were the first to get ready for the day, so they decided to go out to visit our members and guests who had breakfast at Café Solaris, dressed for the occasion and ready to invite everyone to be part of the activities that took place at the beach to have a football day in the Solais style. They all wanted to take pictures with our dear Pancho, who in the company of their friends cheered up everyone who was enjoying a morning in paradise.

super bowl club solaris

Score it: One of the most amazing skills of football players is undoubtedly the accuracy they have when making their passes during the game. That is why of course we had to know who was the best quarterback of club solaris cabos, partners and guests of all ages came to participate and know who has the best aim.

Field Goal: Another key point in football, are the or field goals, where the best kicker has to score the ball in the goal to earn more points. This move requires a lot of skill to perform, so much so that we decided to make it more fun and a bit more difficult while doing it on the beach. No doubt everyone had fun doing this activity, from amazing shots to failed attempts that made us laugh.

Snack and Live Broadcast: The time for the game arrived, and everyone was ready to watch it. The entertainment staff surely "put the cherry on the cake" with a dance presentation before the game started, with music and also a bar with snacks, chicken wings, popcorn, nachos, and obviously hot dogs and hamburgers to make this event something special. All the members, guests and even the waiters and staff were waiting for the start of this event, which would undoubtedly be a night to remember for all the fans of this incredible sport.

super bowl solaris cancun

QUICK facts!

Commercial - This game reaches more than 120 million people around the world, the cost for propaganda transmitted during the game was 5.25 million dollars, for a space of only 30 seconds.

Festivities and more - Prior to the super bowl, artists and athletes come together to have fun with the spectators, Parties and Games all day and all night The NFL experience, Maxim Big Game, Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret, organizing productions and presentations with artists.

Final Score

The champion of this 53rd edition of the Super Bowl were the New England Patriots with a score of 13 to 3, although a game with many points was expected, due to the two offensive genies they have as Head Coach, the defenses played an important part in stopping the attacks from the opponents, having everyone on the edge, without knowing at what moment one or the other could win the game.