5 Lessons we learn from Superheroes

Possibly the first image that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Superhero” is a strong man in a cape who sets out to save the world in his disguise, however, it is also true that superheroes continue to dress in their office suits, as reporters, firefighters, teachers, doctors, nurses, among others.

This week we celebrate nurse's day, which has coincided with the current situation of COVID-19, so it is necessary to give this recognition to nurses; but also to all the people who work to safeguard human well-being, they are all heroes.

"It is important to say that the work in the hospital is multidisciplinary, so you have to take into account the staff of the administration, kitchen, laboratory, imaging, social work, nursing and medical."

Words shared by Doctor Veyssy Roque, who currently works at the Ensenada General Hospital, Baja California (approximately 1,500 kilometers north of Los Cabos).

Veyssy says on all the workers in the hospital doing their job and preparing for it.

"I don't think anyone wanted to be a doctor or a nurse thinking about fame, appreciation or acceptance by society; if not for the taste of science, to help improve the quality of life of the population, and personally I believe that if I can contribute a little to a person to improve their health, I am satisfied."

We are the Champions!

However, she mentions that she encounters everyday situations that can make her feel fear or helplessness in her profession, but at the same time she feels motivated to continue helping; so it is important to remember that we all have to take care of ourselves; so we also take care of them and their families with whom they return at the end of their heroic work -if it is the only change of superhero clothes that can be mentioned here.

I hope that from these paragraphs you have found very good things and have allowed you to reflect on many things, of which you can also complement with your own experiences… I would like to leave open the question: For you, who are your heroes?

As what is promised is debt, I would like to summarize in a few lines, some lessons that we can learn from these Superheroes:

1.- How to iron the cape ... Oh no, sorry; That's not what this blog is about.

1.-Pursue our passion: Not for the recognition, nor for the fame or money that it can give us, but for contributing a positive grain of sand to our society.

2.- Be empathetic with others to take the necessary precautions (do not forget your face mask and wash your hands).

3.- Recognize that although complex days may exist; the satisfaction of giving your heart in what is done is worth gold.

4.- Work as a team and live in harmony.

5.- Finally, that all the effort, even little by little, will be worth it.

We can all be heroes, it is only important to follow these tips and contribute with what we each have.

Finally, it should be noted that once we have "defeated the villains"; we will be able to cross our streets and our landscapes again; You already know that here in Cabo or Cancun we will have the doors of our home open for you and obviously a comfortable bed and a shower for when you leave your bags. Also, I remind you that there will be time to take advantage of different landscapes.