Don't miss these places in Los Cabos.

What places are the best to visit ?, This is a question we can ask ourselves when we travel, of course, something that significantly influences this is knowing what kind of trip we are doing, knowing who will accompany us, if we will go with family or with our friends, or we decided to venture on our own.

Although you think they don't need to plan things, or you want to leave everything to the last minute, it is essential to take a few things into account to be able to visit the best places during our holidays, from dates, seasons that can get our attention.

Maybe we want to go on vacation during the fall season, but we don't know what we can do, that's why today I will tell you about the places you can't miss if you come to Los Cabos, during Autumn.


One of the places that we must never miss during a vacation in a paradise destination such as Los Cabos are its beautiful beaches, there are several beaches that can only be accessed during certain seasons, such as:

La playa del Amor en Los Cabos

The Playa del Amor right next to the Arch, where young people usually prefer to walk with their partners, and if you want to come here, make sure you stay safe while disembarking and when you return to the boat since this beach is only during Low tide.

If you decide to come to this beach with or without young children, we recommend you to wear life vests, so that everyone is safe, regardless of how good a swimmer you are, since it is worth being safe during your vacation.

The Divorce Beach is located behind the Arch, you can reach this beach access in the Playa del Amor, here you can see how the Sea shows its strength with a high swell on the coast, since it is facing the open Sea, with waves on the beach that is the most active days can reach up to 9 feet high, but still this beach is considered one of the most beautiful to have walked along the shore during sunsets, since the horizon is filled with the most beautiful colors of the evening.

Another possibility we have is to want to know more about the history of the destination we are going to, and here in Los Cabos, we can find it very quickly. In San Jose del Cabo downtown, we can see various historical centers, art galleries, exhibitions of sculptures and paintings, where cultural expressions of the handcrafts that were made in ancient times are displayed.

All this we can find without having to get away from our hotel, since downtown San José, is only 5 minutes from the Solaris Hotel, so you can get to know more about this beautiful destination, without having to worry by transport.

Similarly during June to November, you can find in the center of San José, one of the best known events, the Art Walk, this event that takes place during Thursdays, where many artists, musicians, dancers, and even in the local restaurants present live music groups, in their galleries where different works and art sculptures are shown on the street, groups with traditional shows present typical dances of the region.

Without a doubt, you have to make sure not to miss the opportunity to visit during these dates.

Cabo San Lucas

La marina de Cabo San Lucas

If you come with your friends on vacation, something that you certainly want to do is be able to have fun, you want to spend a night full of emotions, good music in the nightclubs.

For this, you will need more time if you decide to come to Cabo San Lucas during the night since it has many clubs, which you can enter without paying for a cover, all you have to do is worry about having the best dance steps and have fun all night.

You can find different clubs, such as Squid Roe, La Vaquita, among others, where you can enjoy music at one of the tables; You can also take advantage and visit one of the newest nightclubs that opened here, Coco Bongo; This is one of the latest and most popular attractions in the destination of Los Cabos, since by opening its branch here, it has brought shows that have enchanted all who visit it.

Maybe your group is not so much the party type, and you just want to spend a quiet afternoon while looking at the Sea, for this the perfect place for you is the Marina. Here you can enjoy a walk while enjoying a landscape full of boats, lights and the beautiful colors of the sunset, or if you prefer you can walk through the mall that is here and visit the shops and restaurants that are next to the shore of the beach to enjoy an afternoon with your loved ones.

If you are wondering what the most important dates or events that will take place during this Fall, here I make a list of the events to come, so you do not miss these critical and exciting dates in the Destination of Los Cabos.

    Upcoming Events:

  • Bisbee's Offshore October 17:
  • One of the most well-known fishing tournaments for Los Cabos, with a millionaire prize, where the best international fishermen compete to know who is the best, this is an event in which everyone can witness rookie fishermen rise to glory, and join the celebrations that take place.

    El Festival de la Cerveza en Los Cabos

  • Beer Fest October 19
  • A unique Festival for all lovers of good food and good beer, this festival takes place right in front of the Hotel Solaris de Los Cabos, in the Plaza del Pescador, where the best-known restaurants in the local area and producers and craft beer distributors put on display their businesses in order to present their merchandise. This event has good music, delicious food, refreshing drinks, and even works of art, which you should not miss.

  • Day of the Dead November 02
  • During this Day, in the different restaurants, hotels, streets and even art galleries and centers, everyone dresses with the traditional clothing of this date and disguises themselves as catrines, on the Day in which they are remembered and celebrated in honor of the family and friends we have left behind.

  • IronMan November 03
  • The Iron Man Triathlon competition, known worldwide, reaches Los Cabos where the best athletes in the world compete in the circuit that includes different disciplines: swimming, cycling and a foot race that will test your endurance, this is something that you can not miss, and you can even see the competitors run, as they will pass in their last stage just in front of the Hotel Solaris de Los Cabos.

    El Festival Internacional de Películas Cabos Film

  • Baja Ha-Ha November 03
  • A Rally where the best sailors compete in a course from San Diego, California to the Marina of Cabo San Lucas, in this event you can witness these great navigators while competing for the first place.

  • Cabos Film Festival November 13, 2019
  • If you ever wanted to go to Cannes to the most exclusive premier events in the world, do not worry, Cabos Film Festival, a category event with international films are showcased and make their debut before critics, directors and of course. All movie-loving audiences who decide to attend this film festival.

  • Sabor a Cabo November 30
  • If you would like to know a lot about the cooking style and the many restaurants that exist in Los Cabos, this is one of the ideal events for you, since not only the best restaurants are presented, but also the international wine distributors, Local products, and even international musicians come to this event.

Los Cabos is one of the most complete destinations you can visit, which has everything for all your friends, family, wife and children to enjoy a perfect vacation; all it takes is for you to come and enjoy it!

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