What's open at GR Solaris

Good Morning, thank you for following all of our social media outlets about the latest development at Solaris Resorts. We made this blog to let you know of what you can expect when Coming down for Vacation at GR Solaris Cancun, so let's start.

As required by World Health organization, and the Mexican government, you will be requested to run a temperature check, wash your hands regularly, Clean your shoe soles on a Sanitizing mat, and enter a Sanitizing boot with ozone each time you come back from outside the resort, as we want to guarantee the cleanliness of our Hotel and the hard work made by our staff.

Our staff will look different, but once you hear them speak, ad express themselves, you will feel the warmth in their words and hearts once again they must use face masks and shields and keep their social distance, it's not you, we want to take care of everybody, there are Antibacterial totems you can find at most areas and restaurants, including each floor by the elevators.

Several people have asked me: Are you required to wear a Face mask all the time? The answer is NO. It is recommended but not mandatory; however, we do advise you than when leaving the Hotel or being in closed quarters like the Lobby or the Theater, you use them. We regularly clean and disinfect all areas of common usage to protect you and your loved ones.

Let's start with food and all—inclusive.

Most of the restaurants at Club GR Solaris are open; each one has a Hand sanitizer station to wash your hands before you enter, there will be limited seatings per hour to comply with social distancing, your waiter will wear facemasks, protective shield, and gloves as they serve your food


Snack bar — located right next to the pool, Assisted buffet Type, meaning there is a glass in front, protecting the food, and you can choose what items to eat, and the Chef will serve them on a clean plate for you. Remember to keep the social distance between guests; enjoy your all-time favorites pizzas, burgers, fries, and chicken wings


Cafe Solaris — The breakfast restaurant will still be a Buffet type, with the slight difference that it will be assisted, meaning that at each station, a chef will be serving you the food you like, this is to avoid the usage of the tongs by everybody. Still, you can ask for more, anytime you want.

Rosmarinus — Open only for lunch with Spectacular views of the Caribbean, the oceanfront restaurant is A la Carte, and you can access the menu in advance through our QR code located at the front desk. That way, we avoid any printed menus.

Zai — Our oriental restaurant manages a different menu each day of the week, but with the QR codes, you can have them available since the time of your arrival and pick which night to visit

Marco Polo — As always delighting you with the best dishes in the house, our A la carte restaurant is available for your guilty pleasure, with a different menu each day that you can find Through the QR codes.

Both Zai and Marco polo required Reservations due to the limited seating; those can be made the same day starting at 10 am

Room Service — still available for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner 24/7, the menu is located on the top drawer in your room. It's always good to have a quick snack before bed right.

Deli and Cirque Le Terre are temporarily closed, hopefully, in the next month or so, they will also be available.

TIP: Once a week, we have the Pancho Grill at the Terrace, with a delicious BBQ, also in the Theater there will be a night that you can have dinner & show, see local listings once you arrive.

The bars

The swim-up bar is open daily from 11 am to 6 pm, for an iced cold beer or a refreshing cocktail on the go. What better combination than a drink inside the cool pool, bartenders follow the cleaning and disinfecting procedures established by the Hotel.

Lobby Bar — Daily from 11 am to 11 pm, with all the plenty of space to sit, and still keep social distancing, two pool tables, and Live music every other day, members can have premium drinks here too. Each seating Table has the printed QR code to scan and order from there


Rosmarinus Bar — right next to the Adult pool, will offer you the refreshing cocktails you crave each day from 11 am to 11 pm.

Premier Bar — the members-only bar, has limited its capacity to only 26 people at the same time, to comply with the WHO guidelines, open from noon to 10 pm daily.


Your lovely Sports and entertainment staff will never let you down, with several activities throughout the day. Aqua aerobics and Zumba are a must, beach and pool volleyball are so much fun, Giant Jenga, why not, and many more games to keep you amused, including the music request hour.

For the children— we have outdoor activities to keep them busy; the meeting place is the Baby park each day, we have also opened the kid's pool area next to the kids club.

Night shows — There are four different shows during the Weeknights at the Tehuacan theater : Mexican shows with the tradition and colors that you cherish on Mondays; then we have the Drive-in 50s show on Wednesdays, a cool show with all the Swing, twist and breakdance moves from that timeframe; Thursday's are for Generations, the spectacle that gives you a little bit of every music genre that all ages will love; and Fridays we cannot forget our tribute to Michael Jackson, a classical act, with all the signature dance moves, also every two fridays inAugust we will celebrate Panchos birthday with a Space fantasy show; they start at 8:30 pm each nigh, theater's capacity has been reduced to maintain social distancing, of course, arrive early to get the best seat in the house.

Other Facilities

The gyms are closed until further notice by federal government requests.

The SPA is open, make sure to call ahead and make your appointment, because you know.. Limited space available for those treatments Tobacco shop is open, the jewelry store also for a little present to take back home, and the Sol Ha travel agency in front of the Elevators will help you book any adventure tour you want to do while visiting Mexico.

Tennis court is open and available for your use, ask for the sanitized equipment at the front desk.

Quiet pool and Jacuzzi are available for everyone to use, remember is for adults only, and a waiter will go from time to time to bring you a new ice-cold drink.

Want to go lay down by the beach? you can do so, the palapas and lounge chairs are available for your use if you're going to dive in the sea, be mindful of the safety procedures, and if the lifeguard says not at this moment, make sure to follow instructions.

There is no beach towel Service, if you need clean towels, make sure to call the front desk and our maids will bring you more up to your rooms.

Well, this has cleared so many questions you had, right? Let's start making plans to travel again, visit old friends and meet new ones, your home away from home is waiting for you, with Arms wide open.