A few months ago, the natural sargassum season began in the Caribbean. Every year at the same time some sargassum accumulates on the coasts and after a while it goes away due to marine currents.

What is seaweed sargassum?

Between June and September of every year, a plague of sargassum arrives to the coasts of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, which affects more than 300 miles of the Mexican Caribbean and the natural beauty that our destination offers to the tourists who year after year come to enjoy our beautiful beaches.

Sargassum is a type of marine macroalgae that can grow several feet long, they provide an environment conducive to some marine organisms and is found in tropical areas of the world, commonly near coral reefs.

This algae grows rapidly doubling its size and weight during its journey from the area known as the Sargasso Sea.

This past year, a lot of these seaweed arrived on the coasts of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum and our visitors are wondering why this phenomenon is due Well, The reason for the large amount of sargassum is not known for sure, but it is related to a rise in sea temperature, the pollution of the seas and a movement of "The Sargasso Sea" found in the Pacific Ocean near the Bermuda triangle.

The Sargasso Sea is a region of the Atlantic Ocean, which is part of the Bermuda Triangle, it has an area of 3,500 km² of algae and plankton that form a superficial marine forest that extends.

limpieza de playas solaris


Our Solaris Resorts in Cancun are also ready for this contingency. with our housekeeper staff and the necessary tools to keep the beaches clean and beautiful as they are now.

The cleaning begins daily at 5:00 AM in the morning with a caterpillar tractor that runs the entire area cleaning the beach from the sargassum very carefully, it takes about one hour to clean the dry part of the sand, without getting too close to the sea, so as not to hurt any marine species that may live nearby.

Once the cleaning work of most of the Sargassum has been completed, it’s time for the housekeeping team to completely remove the sargassum from our beautiful beach. Some of the tools used are shovels, rakes and long fabrics that filter the surplus, this hard work of removing the seaweed that is near the seashore takes approximately two hours with a team of between 20 and 40 people, depending on the amount of sargassum.

Fortunately, on the beaches of the Solaris Resorts of Cancun, the level of sargassum is the same as previous years (not as much as other areas right now)due to a natural barrier we have nearby. and it will disappear as normal every year.

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We are happy to share with you that this problem is now in the past. Thanks to the many cleaning campaigns that were carried out by SEMARNAT, and the Government of the State of Quintana Roo, with an investment of 4.3 million usd , and also with the daily support of the hotels in the area, with daily cleaning staff, we manage to overcome this strong sargassum. The Solaris Resorts joined the cleaning programs in order to give our members and guests all the comfort in their stay and hoping that this natural process will follow its course.

Currently, the beaches of Cancun and the Riviera Maya look better than ever, on your next visit you can enjoy the characteristic turquoise blue color of the sea and the soft texture of the sand on your feet.

We will await for you in the Solaris Resorts of Cancun. Come to enjoy our beautiful beaches free of sargassum and spend some wonderful days with your family.