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International Month for Breast Cancer Awareness with Solaris

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the International health campaign intended to increase awareness of breast cancer. And the timely detection of it, by performing regularly mammographies. The initial campaign started in October 1985 in the USA. And due to the high amount of cases, the rest of the world followed, the whole intention of having a Cancer awareness month is to: increase awareness of the disease, educate people about methods of prevention, early detection, and to raise funds to support research.

The following are few of the Breast Cancer charities you could support :

The money collected by these Charities and the events organized by them go to Local, National, or International funding for breast cancer investigation. Conferences and meetings of international cancer organizations also are scheduled in conjunction with awareness campaigns.

Breast Cancer Statistics

The fight against Cancer in the world

In Mexico, only 10 percent of breast cancer cases are detected in the initial stage. Also, according to the World Health Organization every 30 seconds somewhere in the world someone is diagnosed with breast cancer, and in Mexico, it is the second cause of death in women between the ages of 20 and 59 years old.

Worldwide in 2017 there where 252,710 new Cases of Invasive Breast Cancer, being the most common cancer affecting women.

Pink Is the Color

Color Pink on the month against Cancer

The symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the color pink. In the 1990s the pink ribbon stood as the primary emblem of support. Since 2010 the color pink is used in a variety of ways to support Breast Cancer, including clothing, posters, and Internet Web sites, to demonstrate individual and collective awareness of breast cancer.

In 2000 Estée Lauder, Inc., the fragrance company, launched Global Illumination, a project in which major global landmarks are illuminated by pink light for one or more days in October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Illuminated landmarks have included the Sydney Opera House, Niagara Falls, the White House. The Brandenburg Gate, the Empire State Building, the Taipei 101 building, the Angel of Independence, and the Tower of London.

It doesn't affect only Women

Going to the Family Doctor for a check up

Male breast cancer is a rare cancer in males that originates from the breast. many men with breast cancer have inherited a BRCA mutation but are not limited, other causes may include alcohol abuse or exposure to certain hormones and ionizing radiation.

MBC presents a similar pathology as female breast cancer, the assessment, and treatment of this disease rely on guidelines that have been developed in female patients.
Source: Britannica, Wikipedia

The International Day Against Cancer in Royal Solaris Los Cabos

At Royal Solaris Los Cabos we extraordinarily lived this day! since we had many surprises for all our Members and Guests.

We started our morning with a Zumba class for all women, followed by Aqua Aerobics in the pool area, where adults and children had fun and exercise at the same time.

The Day against Cancer with the Staff of Royal Solaris Los Cabos

All this was accompanied by a delicious cocktail that the bartenders prepared, it was a drink made with guava, pineapple, raspberry vodka and a touch of coconut rum, which was distributed around the pool area.

We had the visit of Pancho and many workers who werecommemorating this special day and all of them wear pink and the commemorative pink ribbon, all dressed up, together alongside many guests we took a photo on the beach with a decoration that the housekeeping team prepared for this special date.

Everyone at Royal Solaris Los Cabos, dedicated this day to share a special message of this day and the month of October, to spread the awareness about the constant struggle against Cancer and Breast Cancer.

Pink Cocktail in the Day against Cancer in Los Cabos

The International Day against Cancer in Royal Solaris Cancun

October 19 is the Fight Against Breast Cancer world Day, and we believe that it is a crucial issue to be aware of.

Today there are many campaigns to prevent this disease, and the Solaris Resorts wanted to join them with the purpose of creating awareness inside the resorts to take actions in favor of prevention and early detection.

International Day against Cancer in Royal Solaris Cancun

Because of that, Every Friday of October was a Pink Friday, all our staff wore a pink ribbon in support of the cause and we had pink surprises for everyone, such as specialty drinks and activities, especially on Friday 19th, we had many fun activities, starting the day well with pink yoga at 10 in the morning, then Zumba for girls to move the body and later on, we had the special "Wonder Woman game" as the main activity of the entertainment team, the number one wonder woman won a free day pass for AquaWorld! Later we had the Women's Volleyball, the game was really close, but in the end, the purple team won for just one point.

We also had a special menu for this day at La Palapita Sushi Bar and delicious cocktails for all! (men included) To end the day well, we had a fun party on the beach with a special show presented by the entertainment team and a mini-disco for the little ones. All the families enjoyed this celebration at Royal Solaris Cancun.

International Day against Cancer with the Staff from Royal Solaris Cancun

Remember that your health is the most important thing, so you should attend a general medical review every year to prevent any future affectation and remember to motivate your friends, aunts, cousins, daughters to perform the mammogram regularly.

Our goal in the Solaris Family is that you enjoy your holidays and you are sure, that is why we will always look for ways to have an unforgettable vacation while taking care of yourself.

We will be waiting for you at our Solaris Family resorts, so you can come and enjoy a vacation in the company of your loved ones, all this in:

"Your Home Away from Home"!

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