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Coming soon in Los Cabos (March edition)

Cabos is a Destination, where we always want to improve, for you to have quality time, better service, and take care of our guests more and more so they can enjoy, a good family vacation, alongside your loved ones.

And your Royal Solaris Los Cabos hotel is growing, adding more things for you to and your family to enjoy, to make your stay, the most beloved one ever, nothing will be left out during your vacations.

Today we invite you, to discover all the things we have in store for you in the next couple of weeks, that way, you can be sure, you will enjoy your trip down here.

Zai Restaurant Oriental cuisin

El Nuevo Restaurante Zai en Royal Solaris Los Cabos

One of the most popular restaurants in the Cancun resorts its Zai Restaurant Zai, where you can enjoy Oriental food, made by our best chefs with a master class in that food, surrounded by a colorful and peaceful ambiance, something surely everybody will enjoy.

In this restaurant you can find raw fish dishes or the oriental spices that everyone loves, no doubts this is a favorite place to have a meal, after being all day outside by the pool.

That's why, we are bringing this restaurant also to Los Cabos, in the next couple of weeks, a totally new area built from the ground up, next to the Sun Plaza, once it's finished we will post the pictures, so start making plans to come and enjoy this delicious restaurant.

This is added value to your all-inclusive, and the dinner options you will have her in the Restaurants at Los Cabos.

Full loop water slide

Renovaciones en el Mini Club de Los Cabos

By being a family hotel 100 %, Royal Solaris Los Cabos is always looking to improve the entertainment of the little ones, creating activities that exercise their body and mind.

That's why, one of our priorities is always keeping renovating the activities, and facilities at the Kids club, where children can have fun in a safe and stress-free environment.

Noa´s arc, was the first to be revamped, as the same the colorful background, both have new paint job, as all the surroundings.

We are also, building the first full loop water slide from the Solaris Family, yes as you heard it, the Royal Solaris hotel in Los Cabos, is putting together a 2 stories high water slide, so all the kids can have fun, and we are making sure, its the perfect way for them to have fun, and be safe at the same time.

¡Your kids will surely love it on your next visit!

Special Shows and Holidays

Nuevos Shows en el hotel de Royal Solaris Los Cabos

The events and Holidays realized in Los Cabos, are getting more and more popular, starting with green beer for St. Patricks day, Pink color Margaritas for the ladies on mothers day, or even a giant Pizza, celebrating the international pizza day.

¿How do you know, what else to expect in Cabos in March?

We are ending the month with a bang, with a special event on March 30th, the hour of the planet, where we will present a special show in the hotel, with the help of our new choreographer, whos also renewing some of the shows and dance routines, as you can always expect something new, when coming back home to Solaris.

Last day of the month doesn't mean we have to be sad, this day also has a special Celebration as March 31st is Taco day, so you guessed it right, all day long we will have a variety of Tacos in all shapes and sizes, and of course ingredients, you can enjoy this traditional dish, with all your friends and family, we will also be hosting activities involving eating Tacos, more surprises to come, that you shouldn't want to miss.

If you're thinking of visiting Royal Solaris Los Cabos, make sure you follow our social media outlets, to make sure you don't miss any celebration and find out what's to come on your next trip.

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