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Saint Patricks Day at Solaris

Royal Solaris Los Cabos party

Celebrando el Día de San Patricio en Cabos

St. Paddy's day, arrived at Los Cabos and with him brought a lot of things to do, so everyone could have fun, and enjoy themselves.

Early morning, Pancho in his Irish attire, went out to walk around the hotel, with his green leprechauns next to him, to celebrate this special day for the Irish, where they cherish the Good luck and Saint Patrick! They visited all of our guests that were having breakfast at Cafe Solaris and Rosmarinus, bringing Joy to their day.

At the pool and beach bars, you could also feel the celebration atmosphere, while the staff was wearing the traditional green color, and a special drink for everyone who wanted to get in the mood: Green beer!

At the pool area, the entertainment team, called upon everyone, to join them in the special activity they had planned: an Irish dance, where the Kids participated in, and some parents even ended up dancing and taking photos.

Afterward, we had a fun Donut -eating contest, and the little ones, tried to eat as fast as they could, without using their hands, however, the ones more amused where all of us grownups, cheering for the favorite ones while seeing their facial expressions.

Then, it was time for the adults to jump in and help the kids, through the hotel, the crew had hidden gold coins ( chocolate ones ), that the kids were able to find, and deposit on their pot of gold, whoever got the most, was the winner of a prize.

Later the afternoon, Adults were able to participate in a traditional Beer jugging competition, most of the participants were men, but that didn't stop the ladies from drinking a couple of green colored beer either.

Saint Patrick's day, was a special one here in Cabo, and what better way to end the day, that to have an Irish coffee in the Lobby.

Cancun goes green

Celebrando el Día de San Patricio en Cancún

The celebration at the Cancun hotels started early morning, When Pancho dressed in a traditional Irish kilt, toured the hotel alongside his assistants ( entertainment team), giving out the biggest treasure: happiness.

Also, our staff in the hotel Did a great job, fixing up all the hotels with the green color decor, and with cardboards painted as 4 leaf clovers, leprechauns, and gold pots.

Exactly at 1030 am, the fun started with a Zumba class, held in the main pool the entertainment did a great job with this, and also with all the fun games in store for our guests.

At Royal Solaris Cancun, we had the Crazy Irishmen game, the idea of the game was the best personification of an Irish leprechaun, with red beard,and green hats, I might have to tell you, that the game was complete with Green beer on the Tap, at noon we also had a Foam party with lots of green balloons.

GR Solaris, added value to this day, as they held a Flash soccer tournament in the beach, as you might imagine the heat was overwhelming, and the boys needed a cold green beer to quirst their tench, just to recover all the energy lost.

In the Kids club, the little ones made several crafts like rainbow bracelets, St Patrick's day masks, and a fun treasure hunt, Solaris Style.

All the staff and personnel, dressed accordingly to the occasion, and you can notice all the Waiters and bartenders, had Green color hats, with drinks and special menu, like the green algae sushi.

How the Tradition started

Celebrando el Día de San Patricio con la Familia Solaris

Saint Patrick is the patron of the Irish, because it was he who introduced the Christianism to Ireland, it is said, that on 400 DC, it was easier to teach the word of the lord with a shamrock, tan with a cross,that's why its so emblematic nowadays, also for being a 4 leave clover, it brings you good luck, the color green is used, because its the primary color of their Flag, even on this day anyone who does not use the color on their clothing, will be subject to a pinch in their arm, as part of the tradition is to blend in to keep the leprechauns away.

The tradition of a parade was originated among other things in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and some cities like Chicago, they paint their rivers green, to show support for the people who live there that have Irish blood.

This is one more date you surely don't want to miss because of all of the fun that we have. There's no better place to enjoy festivities that with your Solaris Family.

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