Don't Forget your travel Insurance

There are many expenses surrounding a vacation trip; you have to spend on accommodations, airfare, ground transportation, and the unexpected gift to bring back home.

However, one expense, that is very useful, and we usually overlook the travel insurance, a great one can give you coverage for flights, lost luggage, and medical expenses if needed.

Yes, as someone once said to me, it is better to have it and not use it, than need it and have to spend thousands last minute.

Vacaciones Familiares con Seguro de Viaje

We already purchase insurance for our health, car, and home, so why do we think that travel insurance is less important, Yes I know that nowadays losing your luggage at the airport is less common, and there are plenty of ways of finding it, but in reality, it still happens.

The Trip insurance benefits you, when there's something valuable on the line, per example a trip cancellation, a missed flight connection, or lost luggage, but it becomes invaluable if you get sick abroad, travel insurance will cover those unexpected medical expenses, and could even get you back to your country in case of a severe illness.

There are hundreds of insurance companies, and you might even have a salesman in your contacts, do your research, about the coverage each one provides when being outside of the country, don't go for the cheaper one, as it may not help you in your desired needs.

As in regular insurance, your trip insurance will depend on several factors, if you want the coverage only for the length of time, or if you want it full year, If it has medical coverage, they will also ask you about the activities you usually do on trips, and if you have a previous condition.

If you go as a group, per se friends, it will be recommended to get unique insurance for all of the members of the trip, instead of each one purchasing one individually, this will lower the cost, and can be helpful in the long run.

Vacaciones Sin Preocupaciones

Reasons to purchase travel insurance :

  • Need to cancel the trip, unexpected last-minute powerful causes, like getting sick, death on a family member, off time cancellation by your work.
  • Missed connection, either flight or cruise, in the last one, if your plane had a delay and the ship already sailed, the insurance will help you cover the expenses to catch the next port the cruise will stop.
  • Flight Cancellations - weather and natural climate, is a very common issue with flight cancellations, you could find and change to another HUB nearby your home state if you're in a rush to get back home.
  • Hurricane, or other natural disasters, the resort destination was severely damaged, and hotels take a bit to refund money to guest while trying to solve the issues they have at hand, with the insurance your money can be refunded almost immediately.
  • Sick while on the trip, something everyone is afraid of, having great medical coverage while abroad, this is one of the main focus of the trip insurance, most of them also include the medical evaluations.
  • Lost luggage, phone assistance will help you track your back, and in the meantime, they will cover essential expenses up to a specific amount, stated by the company.
  • Passport lost or stolen. Trip insurance covers the new expedite passport replacement.
  • Travel company or airline goes bankrupt, travel insurance, also covers financial mishaps, so you could get the money back to pay for another trip.
  • Viajando Seguro durante tus vacaciones

    When is travel insurance not necessary:

    The flight your taking is inhouse, from one State to another, without leaving the country, you're other insurances will be able to contact the expenses.

    You're taking a weekend road trip only a few hours away, or staying with a relative.

    Beware Travel insurance that covers medical bills, is not a substitute for your Medical insurance, because of the policies instituted. Speaking of plans, be aware of the Exclusions from the coverage, as they are certain things that are not covered, or need to be explicitly documented.

    After everything that We have explained to you, do you think Travel insurance is Worth it? I hope it is, and that on your next vacation to the Solaris Resorts, you could count with one, better safe than sorry.