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An unforgettable Christmas with the Solaris Family

Christmas came to the Solaris Resorts, that special time of the year to spend with your family, in which the colored lights, the brightness of the ornaments, and the aromas of pine, apple and cinnamon, transport us to a peaceful place, full of kindness and gratitude and where children wait eagerly the arrival of Santa Claus with his characteristic red sack, full of gifts. Moments to recap and give thanks for all the good things of this passed year and the valuable family time..

santa claus at solaris

This is everyone's favorite time of the year, so much so that many families from all over the world visited us at Solaris Cancun and Solaris Los Cabos to celebrate with us and with their loved ones, without having to to cook the Christmas dinner, in our All inclusive resorts we have everything ready to celebrate this special festivity, there is nothing more relaxing than knowing that you don’t have to go shopping, or make the preparations that usually take between 5 and 6 hours, to have everything perfect for dinner . At Solaris, our chefs take care of all this, with a wide variety of dishes in an abundant Buffet, or in an A la carte restaurant. The drinks are also unlimited and you can always order your favorite cocktail or the christmas ponch.

Throughout the month of December we had many special activities for all our guests, but of course the 24th and 25th were special to all of our members

In both locations (Cancun and Los Cabos) we had the special appearance of Santa Claus, the elves, the Grinch and Santa's helpers, to cheer up the little ones and take pictures with them. Now, go find out what else happened in each destination!

Christmas Eve in Cancun

On December 24, we started at 10 am transforming the Solaris Resorts into Santa's workshop with fun activities throughout the day such as a Christmas socks decoration and balls that the little ones took home to put in the christmas tree, aqua aerobics with Mrs. Claus, a parade with the Christmas characters: Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Elves, the reindeer and Pancho around the different pools and a contest where the participants had to guess what gifts were inside Santa's bag and the winners took home some surprises

letter to santa claus at solaris

The children had a great time all day long at the Mini Club with different crafts and contests to celebrate this special day, they also had the opportunity to make their letter to Santa Claus, just seeing the excitement in their faces, was more than enough to fill our hearts with joy, coupled with that we had a classic Christmas movie "The Grinch" at Cinema Solaris (available only at Club GR Solaris).

On this special day, all the staff dressed up for Christmas and during the day we had music and fun at the pool of our Solaris Resorts where the entertainment team did not stop surprising us with contests and activities for everyone to enjoy, such as Zumba with carols as background (that was really fun), the Traditional Bingo with Christmas characters and much more.
As part of the celebration we also had a special Christmas cocktail, as well as a coffee and crepes station that delighted kids and adults, sandwiches in the pool area and Christmas cookies for everyone.
In the evening we had our traditional Christmas dinner, with a welcome Christmas cocktail, the buffet restaurants offered a wide variety of foods according to the different traditions of several countries, and in the A la carte restaurants we also had a special Christmas dinner including pork and turkey, and a delicious dessert to end the celebration.. We also had a special show of the rockettes at the Tehuacán theater, undoubtedly the most anticipated moment of the night, since the show was totally full. Later on, at the lobby we sang the traditional Christmas carols ,to finish the party in a very traditional way, we had a piñata! Adults and children were there to accompanied us and celebrate.

Christmas Eve Los Cabos

Christmas came at the paradisiacal destination of Los Cabos and although we did not have snow at the destination, the cool breeze from the ocean made us take off our coat.
We decorated the corridors of the resort, with reindeer, Christmas lights and our employees dressed up with Christmas hats, and of course the restaurants and areas also had decorations of this beautiful season.

grinch en solaris

At the pool area we had a very special contest, where the waiters from the pool, Eduardo, Ramon, Guillermo and Ventura participated in our search for the Best Santa.
With challenges and lots of fun, we decided what was the best "ho ho ho", the most popular and who look alike Santa, where Guillermo ended up being the winner and was awarded as the best Santa this Christmas.

In the Kids Club the children and their parents participated making their own Santa Claus, a decoration that they could take home and that will undoubtedly convey the Christmas spirit in this time, we could find a variety of different styles of Santas, from bright, colorful, with decorated beards, among others.

When the night came, all the Members and Guests met at the Tehuacán Theater where the traditional Christmas show was presented. Not without first going for a delicious hot chocolate with Christmas cookies that were being offered right at the entrance.
With lights, colors, music, dances and many surprises this show was without a doubt the cherry on the cake for all those who decided to come and witness it. The well known Christmas songs were performed by the talented dancers on stage, and sung by our dear members and guests. But the fun did not stop there, as the adults moved to Pancho's Disco to continue dancing and feasting, with our friendly waiters, serving everyone's favorite drinks.

Christmas in Cancun

navidad en solaris

On the 25th we started the activities early, with more events and fun than the day before, in which we had the pleasant surprise of Santa Claus, who arrived in a majestic white limousine to GR solaris to give many gifts to all the children who were enjoying their vacations. When they saw him arrive they got very excited, it was a very emotional moment. His assistant Pancho did a spectacular job in coordinating the kids, where they neatly made a long line, with their face full of illusion, to receive a present and meet Santa Claus in person.

But not only Santa was here, a well-known green character (the Grinch) also made his appearance in Club GR solaris, trying to take away the gifts that the children just received. Our animation team tried to get him out repeatedly, without success, but it was only with the help of the kids, that they were able to beat him, and they even threw him into the pool so he could cool off a little bit on his anger.

To move from GR Solaris to Royal Solaris Cancún, Santa Claus asked one of his elves for help, and switched from his traditional sleigh to a motorcycle decorated like a reindeer. Then, he went to Club Solaris Cancun where the little ones looked forward to seeing him.

His elves went ahead with the sleigh full of gifts for the little ones, next to the main pool. To continue with his work of giving away presents and happiness.

Christmas in Los Cabos

navidad en solaris cabos

This day from early we heard the bells of the sleigh of Santa, who arrived at the Terraza del Sol where together with his elves unloaded the gifts that they had for all.
Logically, living in the north pole, he did not expected to be received by the majestic sun of Los Cabos, so our friendly staff, did him the favor of putting an umbrella, to protect him a bit from the sun.

All the kids were able to take pictures with Santa and his elves, whom with the help of the Solaris Family were able to deliver smiles on this special day. Without a doubt, this was a very special day for everyone.

And to close with a flourish the Christmas holidays, after singing Christmas carols and the different activities of the entertainment staff during the day, we had a second special dinner in all our restaurants, the Christmas Show at the Tehuacán Theater and to end the night enjoying, good live music at the lobby bar to sing and dance the night away with family or friends.

navidad en solaris cabos santa claus

We want to thank all the staff that assisted us this time, so that our guests and members were happy accompanied by their families To the housekeeping team that was in charge of turning the magic of Christmas into reality, by decorating the entire hotel with Christmas motifs.
The Team of chefs and sous chefs, who were in charge of giving the special seasoning to the Christmas dishes, for the delightnes of all our guests.
To the waiters and bartenders, who always attended to all the needs of our Solaris Family with a smile.
The animation and sports team, which organized many activities during the day and spectacular shows during the night.
And in general, to all the staff that behind the scenes worked hard to make everything perfect.

This was just a summary of what happened this Christmas at our Solaris Resorts, but in person you will have more fun, so do not hesitate, we are waiting for you next year to celebrate with us at Solaris a magical Christmas in the company of your loved ones.

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