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Solaris International Womens Day celebration

When it started

La Lucha por la igualdad de Género en la época moderna

March 8th, is celebrated worldwide to be the day that honours women's achievements, Gender equal rights, and women empowerment.

It first started back in 1908 in New York where 15000 women marched for equal rights in voting, better salaries, and fewer work hours, then in 1910 a German woman from Congress, rallied up 100 women form 17 different countries into a join phone call to advocate for this same rights, campaign for women's equality, now the empowerment goes beyond that, as many jobs now have no gender division, and recognizes the extraordinary role from women that made an impact in culture, politics and social through time.

People like Marie Curie, Mother Teresa, Michelle Obama, have inspired others to make a change, but is not limited to CEOs, or first ladies, the contribution can be done by everyday women whether is big or small, the point is that they take a stand, and prove they can do things that men can do step by step.

The United Nations since 1996 has given a theme for the day, this years theme for International Women's Day was: 'Think equal, build smart, innovate for change'. Meaning that more contributions can be made from women, and we all must accept them, as it is for the greater good.Women this day wear purple clothing, to take a diferent point of view from the cancer awareness month color wich is pink.

How we celebrated in Cancun

Celebrando el Día internacional de La Mujer en Cancún

The International Women's day was celebrated this past Friday at the Solaris hotels in Cancun, in a very singular way. With lots of surprises for all of our lovely female guests.

We started the Day with a Yoga Class by the Beach with Jorge our Solaris Go instructor, a great exercise for the body and the soul, the ladies that join us we're delighted and excited for the morning meditation.

Later throughout the day, Pancho handed out Roses to the Beautiful and Strong women, that were here in the Resort, taking pictures along the way on our photo booth, and With Pancho of course.

At noon in the main pool form Club Solaris Cancun, we had the traditional Miss Solaris contest, with a twist, first part was modeling through the Catwalk, second part was doing some squats in front of the audience, third part a shot of tequila, fourth part was to dance in the middle of the pool, and 5th was to take a sexy shower. With 5 participants from Argentina, USA, Brazil, and Canada In the end, there was a tiebreaker decided by a dance-off, where Miss Gwendoline from Chicago was crowned by the audience as Miss Solaris March 2019.

Of course that our chefs and Bartenders, got special drinks and food prepared commemorating the International Women's day, everyone had so much Fun, while Vacationing on the Solaris Resorts in Cancun, remember this is the place to be, we are always celebrating something special.

Cabo and their special activities

Celebrando el Día internacional de La Mujer en Cabo

The International Women’s Day arrived at Cabo, and the celebrations for it began for it as soon as the sun rises, the staff from the hotel put a big sign made of wooden letters at the beach for every woman to see.

Many ladies walked into the beach to take pictures at this letters that commemorate this special day, and afterward, they all were able to go an eat breakfast at Cafe Solaris where a delicious meal was waiting for all to enjoy.

After they all had a great breakfast the Entertainment Staff was waiting for them at the Sun Terrace, where the music was already playing, to make way for the start a Special Zumba Class for all, and this included all the amazing women that work as Staff from our Solaris Hotel.

Many came around to lighten themselves from the full lunch they just had, while others just wanted to hear some music and enjoy the dancing from all the others, and thus far everyone was having a great time.

When the dancing ended most were exhausted and needed a refreshment, while the staff went to get some water to cool themselves down, the Guests and Members had a special surprise waiting for them. At the pool we had slushies for them, they had 3 different natural flavors to choose from: Strawberry, Lemon, and Pineapple, everyone was able to enjoy this special treat for this special day.

Later the afternoon, at the garden, we set up, a table with Special cocktails for the Women that were enjoying their time by the pool, a nice way to end the celebration.

Undoubtedly this was a special day where everyone had fun and was able to celebrate it with the most special person in every family their Mom, their Wife, their Fiances, The Women who made everyone’s life wonderful

"Let’s support women and girls who are breaking down barriers to create a better world for everyone."
— UN Secretary-General, António Guterres

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