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Easter with your Solaris Family

The holidays are a beautiful time, where families come together, to enjoy a time of rest, without worries to get rid of the stress of daily life, and usually have select dates or holidays.

One of these dates in which the family joins more to celebrate and spend time with the family is during Easter; This day is very loved by many people, for religious reasons, for its celebration, its traditions, among many other things. But what unites us all, is wanting to be with our loved ones.

And one way to enjoy it more is if the hotel where we stayed, also celebrate the holidays, and that's the exact thing that the Solaris Family did.

The Easter of Royal Solaris Los Cabos

Decorando Huevos de Pascua en Los Cabos

The day began, and the guests went to Café Solaris for breakfast, where the Easter Bunny and Pancho waited for them with the cooks, with delicious food so they could start their day in Los Cabos.

Young children and families came to take pictures with them, and some even wanted to invite them to eat, but they Pancho and the Easter Bunny would have to prepare surprises for the guests.

After lunch, they and the Animation team waited for the children and adults to come to one of the activities they had for them, face painting and a contest to paint the best easter egg.

In these activities, everyone could participate to enjoy their Easter morning, and there were still many more surprises for them.

El Conejo de Pascua y Pancho en Los Cabos

When the children and adults painted their faces, it was time to start the next activity, the crazy chairs, where many children joined to play, followed by all of them participating in a chocolate donut contest, where only the fastest would be the winner.

Parents and children could have fun alike, seeing how the children participated and seeing how funny they looked when doing it.

At noon, the animation team invited everyone to participate in the search for Easter eggs, which had been hidden in all the hotel gardens, where large and small alike could participate.

When finishing it was had a surprise for the small children, a piñata, the one that was full of sweets.

Celebrando Pascua en los Hoteles de Cancun

Easter arrives in Cancun.

In the Cancun hotels, Easter Day was celebrated with activities for the little ones, in the morning the contest was held where the children had to decorate their own rabbit mask, which was chosen as a winner.

There was also a race at Conejos, where the Easter bunny, along with the animation team and Pancho, entertained the children with an obstacle course, which at the end of the Kids Club team awaited them in the main pool with paintings. Have your activity of face painting, where big and small alike decorated their faces with drawings of rabbit, carrots, Easter eggs and much more.

At the end of the afternoon, large and small were called again for the activity that everyone was waiting for, the easter egg hunt, where Pancho and the Easter Bunny came together to help the little ones, as well as the parents They also helped in the search.

Without a doubt, this was a special day to enjoy in Family.

This was a great day for everyone at Solaris Hotels to be able to join with their families and celebrate this particular date.

If you would like to be part of the celebrations that take place in the Solaris hotels, do not hesitate to visit us during your preferred dates, so that you can celebrate with your family, and your Solaris family, we are waiting for you!

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