Come with your BBF to Cancun

It’s time to start planning a vacation, and what better way to do it than with your best friends forever and to the happiest place on earth- ok, not that one, we are referring to the most comfortable for adults, that’s right: Cancun.

Are you ready to leave all the stress behind and reconnect with your girlfriends? Well, let us give you some reasons to do so:

1. Blue Sea like you never seen before, only in Cancun

Our city takes pride in the marvelous beaches and the turquoise blue sea we have that is gorgeous for pictures, to take a dive on them, or just lay down at the beach shore, tipping your toes on the water each time a wave comes around, now imagine all this with people who also need that same type of relaxing day, someone you’ve known for a while and are in sync with you, your girls

2. Rooms that will fit your needs

At Club Solaris, there is always room for everyone, singles, couples, families, etc.. Still, if you’re traveling with your girlfriends, We would recommend you to check out the rooms at Club GR Solaris; our resorts are All-inclusive, so you won’t have to worry about a thing; if you’re on a budget, you can fit up to 4 people in a double bedroom, if you want to have more space, but don’t be far from your friends, you can ask for Adjacent rooms, also at the GR all the rooms have balconies to enjoy a lovely sunrise or sunset each day. There are TV sets in each room and PPV; if you want to stay in a night and do a slumber party, you’re welcome to do so. Remember, we have a 24-hour room service!

3. Dance the day off and continue at nighttime

One of the advantages of Cancun is that everything is designed for your entertainment, per example, each day, we start with Yoga/ Aerobics/ Zumba Class by the pool, and during the day, we have music to set the mood, Get up Dance, doesn’t matter if it’s by yourself, you’re on vacations and having fun, now, if you’re more of a party person, go out on a night in town, to popular places like coco bongo, Mandala, and Fat Tuesday, beware of there closing times, as with the new regulations post-COVID, they had to change that. Don’t forget we also have inhouse entertainment at the Tehuacan theater and lobby bar, with on stage shows and live music as each night we have a different band.

4. Schedule a Small half-day trip to go diving

In case you didn’t notice all the Blue sea out there, it is perfect to go exploring the deep underwater world. Cancun offers its visitors the second largest coral reef globally; your girls will be thankful for scheduling this activity as it’s something you won’t usually do back home ( unless you live in Australia). Another thing you could go and explore is the MUSA ( underwater museum) located in front of the Isla Mujeres island; you can even snorkel and try and see some fishes swimming around.

5. There is mysticism in the región.

You can either Go swim at the Cenotes, that there are plenty along the trail from Cancun to Playa del Carmen, or visit Some ancient structures from the Mayan civilization, like Coba, Chichen Itza, or Tulum - which by the way, is one of my favorites, as you can feel a special kind of energy there, that surrounds you and powers you up. Indeed something everyone would appreciate.

6. Treat yourself and your ladies to a SPA day

This is something you could usually do back home, on a day off, but here is the kicker, when traveling to Cancun, specifically to the Club Solaris Cancun, you and your friends can start a SPA day with a Mani / Pedi at our beauty parlor, have a relaxing massage in one of our four beds from the Beach palapa, which, by the way, has a clear path to the blue sea. You can hear the sound of the waves soothing your mood, and end up having some Wine at the indoor private Jacuzzi from the SPA.

7. Sunday brunch with a twist

We already mentioned that Club Solaris is all-inclusive, and usually, Sundays are for Brunch, to hang out with the girls, talk, and have a mimosa or two, but what if every day on your trip could be a Sunday? that’s right, daily mimosas while having a good time.

Ok, so there you have it, need more reasons to spend a trip with your friends or even alone, and what you could do during this trip, don’t waste any more time and start getting ready for it, right now is the perfect