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GR Solaris Cancun obtains the Cristal certification in Food and Beverages

We want to share with you our newest accomplishment in GR Solaris, starting as of february 2019, our Restaurants and Bars have achieve the Food check award by Cristal International Standard this certification is given because of the good practice and handling of all food and meals, by Creating exceptional guidelines for Hygiene and food handling, we present to our Members and guests High Quality prepared meals.

restaurante rosmarinus en solaris

The Cristal International Standards, measures 255 points of control throughout the food chain and rates the performance versus global standards like verification program H, all this thanks to the fact that we implement the HACCP food safety management system, this process is carried out daily, eliminating the risk of illnesses due to food. Some of the Areas that are inspected are:
• Delivery/Receipt
• Dry Goods Storage
• Cold Food Storage
• Food Prep/Assembly – Temperature Control
• Personal Hygiene Practices
• Cooking
• Reheating Hot Display/Holding
• Equipment
• Cleaning Procedure
• Premises Lighting/Ventilation
• Recipes/Cooking Methods
• Fridge/Freezer Temperatures
• Supplier Safety Assurance
• Potable Water
• Training
• Dining/Eating Areas
• Emergency procedures
• Structure of the Local

restaurante rosmarinus en solaris Cancún

GR Solaris ultimate goal is to reduce the health risks associated with water and food handling, Daily audits are performed at GR Solaris' restaurants and bars, based on protocols and controls given by the World Health Organization

We are very glad to have achieved this Certification, and we will keep improving your Solaris Experience for years to come.

The Food and Beverage Manager of the GR Solaris Resort is very pleased with the result obtained in the certification and he tells us that this important challenge was achieved according to the constant work of the entire food and beverage team, (Stuarts, chefs, bars and restaurants)

Following to the letter all the rules of hygiene, product rotation, kitchen cleaning, correct preparation of food, good processes and habits in restaurants and bars. The certification is annual and is achieved by obtaining 3 outstanding grades. The audits are monthly and the Food and Beverage team constantly makes checks, courses, fumigations, laboratory analysis of food and water and always maintaining a good customer service.

"For the GR Solaris Resort it is very important to have an international Cristal standard in the food and drinks preparation and for the department it is a great honour to obtain this certification. We care about our guests, we want them safe and always enjoying healthy and well prepared food." Said the Food and Beverage Manager, Ricardo Pech.

What is the next goal to fulfill?

To become one of the hotels with the best qualifications in hygiene standards. To be in the first places and to work month by month in following the good habits so as not to lose the certification and to offer our members and guests the best service.

The priority at GR solaris is to provide a first class service, starting by ensuring a safe food hygiene catering.

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